Fil-Am groups prepare for May 1 Immigration Rally

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 FIL-AM groups are ramping up for next week’s May Day rally, planning to send a loud message to Congress about its newly-created comprehensive immigration reform bill.

They don’t like it.

The National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) said the bill that the “Gang of Eight” US Senators presented, which was released last Wednesday, falls short and criticizes them for eliminating the sibling category in the country’s visa system.

“The bill ignores the reality for many Filipino families, where siblings go abroad to earn money to support their siblings. If this bill were to become law, many Filipino families would never be able to be together,” said Bernadette Herrera, a representative of Migrante Northern California and vice president of NAFCON.

“In a lot of Filipino families, older siblings are the main wage earners and they take care of the rest of their siblings and cousins. Many send money back home to support their younger brothers and sisters and then petition to bring them to the US so they can be together. This bill would deny them the chance to unite their family,” she added.

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