Wounded Knee Sale Deadline Looms

Indian Country Today Media Network, News Report, Posted: Apr 30, 2013

As the deadline approaches for the Oglala Sioux Tribe to purchase the historic site of Wounded Knee, the tribe has made no statement that they plan to do so.

Alabama Immigration Law Appeal Rejected by US Supreme Court

Politic365, News Report, Posted: Apr 30, 2013

The Supreme Court decided to not take up an Alabama immigration law (H.B. 56) that makes it a crime to harbor or transport undocumented immigrants.

Walter Mosley and Countee Cullen to Enter N.Y. Writers Hall of Fame

The NorthStar News, News Report, Posted: Apr 30, 2013

The NY Writers Hall of Fame will honor Walter Mosley and Countee Cullen as part of the organization's 2013 induction of eight living or deceased writers.

Colorado's Undocumented Students Get In-State Tuition

Univision News, News Report, Posted: Apr 30, 2013

Undocumented students who graduate from Colorado high schools will now be able to pay in-state tuition at public colleges in the state.

Top San Francisco Chefs Team Up for Inner-City Students

Asian Week, News Report, Posted: Apr 30, 2013

Some of San Francisco’s leading chefs are teaming up with Mission Dolores Academy to support this private, innovative K-8 school’s effort to break the cycle of poverty for many inner-city students.

Immigration Reform: Who's In and Who's Out

New America Media, Commentary, Juan Rocha, Posted: Apr 30, 2013

In deciding who can fully share in the American experience, a key question missing in the immigration debate is: what kind of citizens can immigration policy cultivate?

Q&A: Why Tamerlan Chose U.S. -- Not Russia -- As Target

New America Media, Question & Answer, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Apr 30, 2013

Tamarlan Tsarnaev's decision to return to the U.S. suggests his motives were not linked to Chechnya or Dagestan, but much more to American society.

Documentary Explores How Korean Women Remember the L.A. Riots

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Apr 29, 2013

Today is the 21st anniversary of the uprising in Los Angeles that engulfed the city's Korean American community.

Jason Collins, NBA Player, Came Out as Gay

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Apr 29, 2013

Jason Collins, NBA player, came out as gay, becoming the first professional male basketball player to do so.

Fil-Am groups prepare for May 1 Immigration Rally

Asin Journal, News Report, Posted: Apr 29, 2013

FIL-AM groups are ramping up for next week’s May Day rally, planning to send a loud message to Congress about its newly-created comprehensive immigration reform bill.

White House Honors Two of Louisiana’s ‘Champions of Change’

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Apr 29, 2013

Patrick Barnes and Rebecca Templeton were two among a group of 12 individuals chosen to be part of the White House’s Champions of Change initiative.

Adoptees Selected for North Korean Mission

Asian American Press, News Report, Posted: Apr 29, 2013

In August 2013, three Minnesotans will travel to North Korea as part of a peace delegation through Nodutdol, a New York-based organization focused on Korean community development.

Black Voters Made History By Beating Whites to Polls Last November

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Apr 29, 2013

The Associated Press, for whom the analysis was commissioned, reports that the finding reflects “a deeply polarized presidential election in which blacks strongly supported Barack Obama while many whites stayed home.”

Aging Undocumented Immigrants - A Burden or a Boon?

New America Media, News Analysis, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Apr 29, 2013

Elderly immigrants are being increasingly pilloried by opponents of immigration reform, even as their most basic needs are being ignored.

Extended Families Would Fare Poorly in New Immigration Law

India West, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Apr 28, 2013

Civil rights organizations are voicing concerns about the limitations a new immigration reform bill would impose on extended family reunification.

Our Vietnamese Hearts

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Apr 28, 2013

NAM editor Andrew Lam reflects on the meaning of homeland for the Vietnamese diaspora. April 30 marks 38 years since the fall of Saigon.

Colorado Repeals Immigrant Reporting Law

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Apr 27, 2013

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper repealed a 2006 law that required police to alert federal authorities about immigrants suspected of living in the country illegally.

Side Effects -- The Humanitarian Consequences of Iran Sanctions

New America Media, Commentary, Maziar Shirazi, Posted: Apr 27, 2013

US sanctions on Iran, aimed at pressuring the government in Tehran, are in fact creating a shortage of much needed medical supplies for ordinary Iranians.

Marches Planned For Immigration Reform

El Mensajero, News Report, Posted: Apr 26, 2013

Immigrant groups and organizations are preparing to mobilize peaceful protests in the Bay Area’s major cities.

Bush Opens His Library With Defense of Immigration Reform

El Mensajero, News Report, Translated by Jonah Harris, Posted: Apr 26, 2013

Former President George W. Bush's presidential library was inaugurated Thursday with a defense of his legacy and immigration reform.

'El Hielo': video musical inspira activistas pro derechos de inmigrantes, se hizo viral

New America Media, News Feature, Valeria Fernandez, Posted: Apr 26, 2013

Dos madres inmigrantes se situaron fuera de la oficina de ICE en el centro de la ciudad con un cartel que decía, "Ellos tienen un sueño".

With Memories of War, A Young Iraqi Settles Into America

New America Media, First Person, Suzan Al Shammari, Posted: Apr 26, 2013

In 2010, 16-year-old Suzan Al Shammari arrived in Los Angeles after years fleeing violence with her family in Iraq and later in Egypt.

Proyecto de ley de inmigración: algunas personas deportadas podrían reunirse con sus familias en EE.UU.

New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernández, Posted: Apr 25, 2013

Maria Del Rosario Rodríguez escuchó por primera vez la buena noticia a través de un mensaje de texto de su marido.

¿Quién dice que no hubo genocidio? -- Juicio del dictador de Guatemala

New America Media, News Report, Mary Jo McConahay, Posted: Apr 25, 2013

Cuando el juez llamó su nombre, Tiburcio Utuy, con 70 años de edad, vestido con una chaqueta de nylon amarillo y con aspecto determinado.

Student Wrongly Linked to Boston Attack Found Dead

First Post, News Report, Posted: Apr 25, 2013

The medical examiner reportedly used dental records to identify the 22-year-old Indian American Ivy League student mistakenly linked with the Boston bombings last week.

Fed Up with Schools, Chicago Kids Boycott State Tests

The Root, News Report, Posted: Apr 25, 2013

A group of Chicago students protesting the city's planned school closings boycotted Wednesday's Prairie State Achievement Exam.

A Latino Dead, A Cop Unpunished

El Diario La Prensa, Editorial, None, Posted: Apr 25, 2013

The detective who shot an unarmed Latino is still on the job and entitled to his pension because the NYPD has not slapped him with any punishment.

Fiscal Austerity and Indian-Treaty Termination--Twin Ideologies

New America Media, News Analysis, Mark Trahant , Posted: Apr 25, 2013

Calls for government austerity by conservatives like Rep. Paul Ryan use debunked arguments that echo mid-20th century proponents of terminating Indian treaties.

EPA Deems Keystone Review 'Insufficient', Green Groups Hint at Lawsuit

Inside Climate News, News Report, John H. Cushman Jr. , Posted: Apr 25, 2013

Enviromentalists and the EPA take apart the State Dept's Keystone review, and momentum shifts yet again toward pipeline opponents.

Clash in Western China Leaves 21 Dead

China Daily, News Report, Posted: Apr 24, 2013

A violent clash between suspected terrorists and authorities in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has left 21 people dead.

First H7N9 Flu Case in Taiwan

China Daily, News Report, Posted: Apr 24, 2013

Taiwan confirmed the first case of H7N9 bird flu outside the Chinese mainland on Wednesday.

El gobernador Brown, defensores de salud en desacuerdo sobre la expansión de Medi-Cal

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 24, 2013

Defensores de salud dicen que California no debe esperar que sus condados asuman la carga de la expansión de Medi-Cal.

Boston Bombers -- The Denial of American Grandeur

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Apr 24, 2013

As the story of the Tsarnaev brothers unfolds, I hear echoes of another set of brothers from my own country, Vietnam.

Filipino Vets’ Tale Tells Immigration Reformers Never Give Up

Filipino-American Bulletin / New America Media, News Analysis, Sluggo Rigor , Posted: Apr 24, 2013

Filipino WWII vets and their widows waited decades for U.S. citizenship—denied to family members—and a paltry pension. Still, the elders fight on.

A Seat at the Table: Getting Asians to Vote

Alhambra Source, First Person, Albert Lu, Posted: Apr 24, 2013

In my group of close guy friends, all born in the U.S. to Asian parents, four out of the five of us registered to vote in 2012.

Film on WWII Jews in Philippines Draws Big Crowds

Inquirer.net, News Report, Posted: Apr 23, 2013

The new documentary “Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust" tells how the Philippines rescued 1,200 German Jews from Hitler's "final solution."

Immigration and Security

La Opinion, Commentary, Posted: Apr 23, 2013

Immigration reform, contrary to what its critics say, is a step that helps U.S. security.


New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Translated by Summer Chiang, Posted: Apr 23, 2013


Berkeley Fourth-Graders Determined to Bring Classmate Back Home

New America Media, Question & Answer, Semany Gashaw, Posted: Apr 23, 2013

Social Justice activist Mable Yee and her twin boys -- Kyle and Scott Kuwahara -- are lobbying congress and the president for the return of Rodrigo Guzman.

Jailed Mother's Immigration Fight Exposes Dubious Arizona Felony Charges

New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernandez, Posted: Apr 23, 2013

Luz Ruiz Rascon has stood her ground -- in a Phoenix jail -- for months, refusing a plea that could end her path to citizenship under immigration reform.

Star Wars Saga to be Translated into Navajo Language

Navajo Times, News Report, Bill Donovan, Posted: Apr 23, 2013

Coming as a surprise to everyone, especially members of the Navajo Tribe, Obi-Wan Kenobi will soon say, "May the Force be with you" in the Diné language.

Immigration Bill Draws Mixed Reactions from AAPI Communities

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Apr 22, 2013

When the so-called ‘Gang of Eight’ Senators unveiled their proposed immigration reform bill, mainstream media and netizens were abuzz with reactions and statements. A host of immigration advocates, policymakers and think tanks gave their feedback on its provisions.

Violence Against Hmongs: Mothers Testify at Minneapolis School Board Meeting

Asian American Press, News Report, Posted: Apr 22, 2013

Several mothers of Henry High School students that were assaulted while using city buses going between the North Minneapolis school and home, testified on April 9, at the Minneapolis School Board meeting. They described for the school board members what happened to their children when they were assaulted, and the impact the assaults have had on their families.

The News Media’s Public Disservice in Boston

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Apr 22, 2013

We Americans all swim in centuries of racial bias only made more acute by 9/11 and its aftermath. Unchecked, such bias can take over.

Arab American Women Struggle While Aging in a New World

New America Media/Arab American News, News Analysis, Mohamad Ozeir , Posted: Apr 22, 2013

Arab traditions contribute to isolating older Arab Americans, especially women, who often remain invisible and unheard in their communities.

Entering a Resource-Shock World

New America Media, News Report, Michael Klare, Posted: Apr 22, 2013

Shrinking resources and the onset of extreme climate change are on a collision course to produce a tidal wave of unrest, rebellion, competition, and conflict.

Immigration Activist Jose Antonio Vargas: Ridenhour Prize Winner for Truth-Telling

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Apr 21, 2013

Jose Antonio Vargas has been awarded The Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling. An immigrant to the United States from the Philippines at the age of 12, Jose Antonio Vargas became a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Washington Post.

Photographs and Memories of a Traumatic Marathon

The Fil-Am, News Feature, Cristina DC Pastor, Posted: Apr 21, 2013

On the day that twin bombings rocked the Boston Marathon, photographer Leona Merk was there and captured scenes of chaos.

Arab American Elders Facing the Rest of Their Lives Alone

New America Media/Arab American News, News Feature, Mohamad Ozeir , Posted: Apr 21, 2013

Arab American traditions clash with elders’ needs, as aging becomes more pressing issue and services fall short, leaving many seniors to live and die alone.

Emergency Contraception Ruling a Win for Immigrant Women

New America Media, Commentary, Jessica González-Rojas, Posted: Apr 21, 2013

A new ruling requires the U.S. FDA to make emergency contraception available to anyone when they need it and without a prescription or proof of age.

Kung Fu Fighter Makes Way for Female Martial Artists in Seattle

International Examiner, News Feature, Amy Huang, Posted: Apr 20, 2013

A nonprofit martial arts school is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for women to learn practical self-defense skills, build strength, thereby improving the health, safety.

Will California’s Eldercare Reform Help or Hurt?

California Health Report , News Analysis, Daniel Weintraub, Posted: Apr 20, 2013

California’s plan to move low-income elderly and infirm patients into managed care is drawing both praise and concern.

Tense Day Ends as Boston Bombing Suspect is Captured

Armenian Weekly, News Report, Nanore Barsoumian, Posted: Apr 19, 2013

In Watertown, the Armenian Genocide Commemoration was cancelled, as authorities locked down Boston-area cities in a man-hunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Boston Bombing Suspects from Russia's North Caucasus Region

Global Post, News Report, Posted: Apr 19, 2013

Russian media reports the Boston bombing suspects are ethnic Chechens, although it’s unclear exactly which region they’re from.

Gov. Brown, Healthcare Advocates At Odds Over Medi-Cal Expansion

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 19, 2013

Healthcare advocates say California should not expect its counties to shoulder the load of Medi-Cal expansion.

Have Black Americans Left Baseball?

The Root, News Report, Keli Goff, Posted: Apr 19, 2013

Hall of Famer Dave Winfield and others weigh in on what has happened since the days of Jackie Robinson.

Who Says There Was No Genocide? -- Guatemala Dictator on Trial

New America Media, News Feature, Mary Jo McConahay, Posted: Apr 18, 2013

It's the first time a former head of state stands trial for the flagrant crime in the national and not an international tribunal.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Cuts Family Visas

India West, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Apr 18, 2013

The measure cuts out two categories of family-based visas, limiting sponsorship by U.S. residents to only their spouses and unmarried children.

Bay Area Man On a Mission to Supply North Korea With Wheelchairs

New America Media, News Feature, Peter Schurmann and Aruna Lee, Posted: Apr 18, 2013

For North Korea's disabled population, there is one item that remains in constant short supply: Wheelchair.

Immigration Bill: Some Deportees Could Reunite With Families in U.S.

New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernández, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

The proposed immigration bill would allow some deportees reentry to reunite with their U.S.-citizen family members.

Chinese Media on Lingzi Lu, Chinese Grad Student Victim in Boston

World Journal/Sina.com/Sing Tao, News Report, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

Lu came to the United States to study mathematics and statistics. She was originally from Shenyang of Liaoning province.

'Gang of 8' Immigration Bill is Practical, But Far From Ideal

Ponte Al Día, Op-ed, Ponte Al Día Editorial Staff, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

Big business and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stand to gain much if the proposed immigration reform bill becomes law.

Lily Chen: A Fortunate Decision

New America Media, Profile, Sam Pearson, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

Chen used to type up stories produced on typewriters into primitive early 1990s computer systems for her father.

La Opinión: Terrorism in Boston

La Opinión, Editorial, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

Editors of La Opinión write that it is important for the public to avoid falling into speculation and scapegoating in the Boston attacks.

The American Dream, Not Just for Americans: The Life of Day Laborers

Highbrow Magazine, News Report, Yolian Cerquera, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

There are 633,782 people experiencing homelessness every day in the United States, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

‘El Hielo’: Music Video Inspires Immigrant Rights Activists, Goes Viral

New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernández, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

A music video by an L.A.-based band has gone viral and is inspiring immigrant rights activists in Arizona.

Hmong Butch: The Antinomies of Being Fourth World

The Feminist Wire, Commentary, Bee Vang, Posted: Apr 17, 2013

Have Asian American male bodies been castrated out of existence? Or out of perceivability?

Chinese citizen is 3rd victim of Boston Marathon bombings

Shanghaist, News Report, Posted: Apr 16, 2013

The student was one of three friends watching the Marathon near the finish line. Earlier, both the consulate and BU declined to release the student's name, saying they were awaiting permission from her family members.

Trial Scheduled for Controversial EUSD Yoga Lawsuit

India-West, News Report, Posted: Apr 16, 2013

A lawsuit filed by concerned parents against the Encinatas School District for teaching their children yoga will begin May 20, but the San Diego Superior Court Judge who will be presiding over the case acknowledged that he himself practices yoga.

Atlanta’s Ethnic Media Celebrate Teachers and Essay Winners

New America Media, News Report, Sandy Close, Posted: Apr 16, 2013

The Teacher Who Changed My Life awards program is a welcome change from covering weeks of negative news surrounding the removal of members of the DeKalb County Board of Education.

History Would Repeat Itself If Boston Derailed Immigration Reform

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Apr 16, 2013

After yesterday’s explosions, all three major cable news networks showed little restraint in stirring viewers’ passions about the violence. Several anchors and guests made repeated connections where none yet exist.

Boston Explosion: Please Don't Be Arabs or Muslims

Al Jazeera, News Report, Posted: Apr 16, 2013

Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line were senseless acts of violence, but a reminder of the fear, guilt and anxiety Arabs and Muslims feel after any modern-day terrorist attack, writes Khaled A Beydoun in an editorial for Al Jazeera English.

The Boston Marathon: An Indian American Runner Remembers…

First Post, News Analysis, Sandip Roy, Posted: Apr 16, 2013

This year he was not running it. But ever since the bombs went off at America’s oldest and most iconic marathon, his phone and Facebook wall have been flooded with anxious messages.

Governor Does About-Face on Obama’s Health Care Law

New America Media/Miami Times, News Report, D. Kevin McNeir , Posted: Apr 16, 2013

Republican governors like Florida’s Rick Scott are slowly realizing that opposing President Barack Obama’s health care law — the Affordable Care Act — may be both political suicide and bad for hundreds of thousands of citizens who lack health care.

Undocumented Pinoys Worry About Backlog, Documents

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Apr 16, 2013

Filipinos with concerned expressions on their faces raised their hands and waited for their questions to be answered.

What's In a Name? An Immigrant's Perspective

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Apr 16, 2013

Immigrants to the U.S. often navigate between names in the same manner they navigate between disparate cultures.

Psy’s New Song ‘Gentleman’ Breaks YouTube Records

Koream Journal, News Report, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

Psy is back with the much anticipated follow-up to the 2012 chart-topper “Gangnam Style,” releasing his latest single, “Gentleman,” to much fanfare.

Kenyan Marathon Celebration Thrown into Disarray After Boston Blasts

Ajabu Africa, News Report, Harrison Maina and Moses Mathenge, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

The scary blasts that resulted in 3 fatalities and over 140 injuries disrupted transportation plans for at least 14 Kenyans and their children who got stuck in Boston.

Explosions at the Boston Marathon

The Root, News Report, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

Police officials have confirmed that one of the victims killed by today's Boston Marathon bombing was an eight-year-old. At least two people are reported dead, and as many as 100 were injured.

Black Leaders Play Key Role in Immigration Reform

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

This time around, immigration reform is getting important support from African-American leaders, according to an editorial in La Opinión.

African Americans Make Up Largest Percentage of Union Membership

The NorthStar News, News Report, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

More African Americans wear the union label than non-blacks, but the number of union members declined in 2012 compared with the year before.

Female International Student Arrested For Operating LA Prostitution Ring

International Examiner, News Report, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

The 25-year-old student was one of 25 madams, or sex brokers arrested for arranging prostitution tours for Korean men in Los Angeles.

LA Activists Call on Sen. Feinstein to Back Immigration Reform

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

APALC President and Executive Director Stewart Kwoh called the 1996 immigration laws “unfair” because families are being torn apart by deportation.

Marriage Is Great, But Many LGBT People of Color Need Job Safety

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

s the Supreme Court weighed arguments on same-sex marriage, Chief Justice John Roberts wondered aloud from the bench whether action on the issue by the court was necessary.

Fresno Schools Turning Away From Zero Tolerance

New America Media, Question & Answer, Nicole Hudley, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

In a move away from zero-tolerance, Fresno's superintendent announced last week that he would begin funding district-wide restorative justice programs.

Gun Violence Among Asian Youth Down, But Pain Remains

New America Media, News Analysis, Rene Ciria-Cruz, Posted: Apr 15, 2013

Gun violence is down among Asian youth in the U.S., but violence and youth justice issues persists in struggling newer populations from Southeast Asia.

Dropping the 'i' Word -- History, Humanity and Martians

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Helen Zia and Chitra Divakaruni, Posted: Apr 14, 2013

Authors Andrew Lam, Helen Zia and Chitra Divakaruni offer their views on the term illegal through the lens of the immigrant experience.

Scotland Moves Toward Diversity

EuroMight, News Report, Shayla Martin, Posted: Apr 14, 2013

Despite a presence that predates the 15th century, Scottish residents of African descent are still misjudged and misunderstood.

Are California Prisons Punishing Inmates Based on Race?

ProPublica , News Report, Christie Thompson, Posted: Apr 13, 2013

California prisons hang colored signs over cell doors showing inmates’ race, but lawsuits say instead of protecting against gang violence the practice is unjust.

An African American Writer Finds Her Roots in Bengal

First Post, News Feature, Sandip Roy, Posted: Apr 13, 2013

This year, Fatima Shaik came to India for the first time to try and solve the mystery in her family tree.

Miss Korea Los Angeles 2013 Crowned

KoreAm Journal, News Report, Posted: Apr 12, 2013

An 18-year-old high school senior who wants to be a “missionary” for Korean culture was crowned Miss Korea Southern California last week.

Women Demand Inclusion as Immigration Reform Moves Forward

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Apr 12, 2013

With a draft immigration reform bill expected as soon as next week, advocates are calling on Congress to make sure any pathway to citizenship includes women.

Why Are Some Still UnDACAmented?

ImmigrationImpact.com, News Report, Posted: Apr 12, 2013

Less than half of the DREAMers eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) have applied for it.

Donaire and Rigondeaux Lock Stares Ahead of Fight

GMA News Online, News Report, Posted: Apr 12, 2013

Nonito Donaire Jr. and Guillermo Rigondeaux stared one another down ahead of their WBO/WBA junior featherweight title unification fight this Saturday.

Mientras que Europa se Sacude, México y Brasil Buscan Ayudar Quienes Una Vez Fueron sus Colonizadores

New America Media, News Analysis, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Apr 12, 2013

Sin fin a la vista de las tensiones financieras en Europa, México y Brasil ven oportunidades.

As Europe Flails, Mexico and Brazil Look to Aid One Time Colonizers

New America Media, News Analysis, Louis Nevaer, Posted: Apr 12, 2013

Officials in Mexico and Brazil are contemplating ways of aiding Spain and Portugal, while also turning a profit.

Youth Justice at the Crossroads--A New Vision of Opportunity Before Incarceration

New America Media, Commentary, David Muhammad , Posted: Apr 12, 2013

California stands to lose recent gains in crime reduction, but a new vision of youth justice could help families and revitalize neighborhoods.

Cortes al Seguro Social y Medicare: No es un acuerdo favorable para los latinos

New America Media, News Report, Eva Dominguez, Posted: Apr 11, 2013

Los cortes que Obama ha propuesto para Seguro Social y Medicare perjudicaría desproporcionadamente a los latinos.

Obama’s Social Security, Medicare Cuts--No Grand Bargain for Latinos

New America Media, Commentary, Eva Dominguez , Posted: Apr 11, 2013

President Obama is proposing Social Security and Medicare cuts to cut a “Grand Bargain” with the GOP, but they would especially harm Latino elders.

Getting Legal Status At 28, A Whole World Opens

Silicon Valley DeBug, First Person, Adrian Avila, Posted: Apr 11, 2013

Eighteen is the age when one sets out to create the life one is seeking. For me this all is coming to me now, at age 28, when I received my legalization.

The Indian Holocaust and the Hopi Nation

Indian Country Today Media Network, Op-ed, Steve Russell, Posted: Apr 11, 2013

A Parisian auction house is about to auction off cultural patrimony looted from the Hopi Nation.

Shift to Medi-Cal Leaves Autistic Kids Without Adequate Care

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 11, 2013

California’s rush to shift low-income children from the popular Healthy Families program into Medi-Cal managed care is drawing ire over poor continuity of care for special needs kids with autism.

Thousands March on Capitol for Immigration Reform

El Tiempo Latino, News Report, Posted: Apr 10, 2013

Wednesday's march was a collective call for Congress to advance an immigration reform bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants who live in the country without papers.

Tattoo Culture Along the Texas-Mexico Border

PRI's The World, News Feature, Jason Margolis, Posted: Apr 10, 2013

Not long ago, the border used to be one united place, with Mexicans and Americans easily flowing across back and forth. No longer.

As North Korea Talks Economy, ‘West Talks of War’

New America Media, News Analysis, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Apr 10, 2013

In the mounting war of words North Korea is having with the United States and its allies, it is easy to believe who the chief aggressor is.

Lawsuit: Did Feds Halt CA TRUST Act?

El Mensajero, News Report, Posted: Apr 10, 2013

The California TRUST Act cleared its first hurdle Tuesday; and the Asian Law Caucus filed a FOIA lawsuit against ICE.

Fla. Maintains Five-year Wait on Health Care for Immigrant Children

New America Media, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Apr 10, 2013

In Florida, lawful immigrants are eligible for Medicaid and the state's health program only if they have been residing in the US for five years.

Will Aspiring U.S. Citizens Be Caught in Healthcare Limbo

New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernández, Posted: Apr 10, 2013

Immigration reform may block many from health reform for years until they become permanent residents. But denying care will cost the U.S. more.

Mich. Journalism Hall of Fame to Induct Arab Am. Publisher

Arab American News, News Report, Natasha Dado, Posted: Apr 09, 2013

Arab American News Publisher Osama Siblani will be inducted into the Mich. journalism hall of fame later this month.

LL Cool J, Brad Paisley’s ‘Accidental Racist’

Black America Web, News Report, Posted: Apr 09, 2013

Country star Brad Paisley’s new single “Accidental Racist,” a duet with LL Cool J on his new album “Wheelhouse,” out today, is making headlines.

Atlanta Ethnic Media Celebrate Teachers ‘Who Changed My Life’

New America Media, First Person, Posted: Apr 09, 2013

Students and parents from around Atlanta gathered Saturday for an awards ceremony celebrating the teachers that have inspired them.

Twin Papers Prove Power of Print for DC-Area South Asians

New America Media, Profile, Jessamine Price, Posted: Apr 09, 2013

Despite the recession, the editor of D.C.-area’s India This Week and Express India proves reader demand and his determination can sustain ethnic papers.

Thatcher 'helped push ties with China'

China Daily, News Report, Posted: Apr 08, 2013

Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady of British politics who died on Monday at 87, played a key role in China's relationship with the United Kingdom.

Time Moves Slowly for Gun Violence Survivors

The Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Amber Ravenell, Posted: Apr 08, 2013

With the current national debate on gun control, members of one support group in the capitol say survivors of gun violence are often not considered.

La Opinión: The AP Is Right

La Opinión, Editorial, Posted: Apr 08, 2013

Saying that a person is "illegal" is grammatically incorrect and an insult, according to an editorial in La Opinión.

In Zimbabwe, Learning Chinese Is a Lucrative Investment

Africa Renewal, News Report, Tonderayi Mukeredzi, Posted: Apr 08, 2013

Chinese trade in Africa has spurred a growing trend in Zimbabwe and other countries: learning Chinese as a second or third language.

Finding the Best Possible Nursing Home Care for a Loved One

New America Media, News Feature, Rita Watson, Posted: Apr 07, 2013

When an elder needs safe and loving care, finding a good nursing home presents many challenges. Here are tips and resources for making an informed choice.

Is Ro Khanna the Next Star of the Democratic Party?

India West, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Apr 07, 2013

The 36-year-old former Obama administration trade official is hoping to unseat U.S. Representative Mike Honda, D-Calif.

National Asian-Language ‘Helpline’ Aids Elders to Use U.S. Health System

International Examiner, News Feature, Atia Musazay , Posted: Apr 06, 2013

Navigating Medicare and other U.S. health care programs is tough for any elder, but Helpline offers Asian Americans aid in many languages.

Exxon Oil Spill Leaves Arkansas Neighborhood In Shock

New America Media, News Report, Lisa Song, Posted: Apr 06, 2013

Nearly a week after a burst pipeline spilled tar sands crude through a neighborhood in Arkansas, residents are without answers and overwhelmed.

What Roger Ebert Had to Say About Black Films

The Root, News Report, Posted: Apr 05, 2013

Roger Ebert could make or break a film with a few choice words, but that shouldn't take away from his thoughtfulness and insightfulness in reviewing films, including black movies.

Roger Ebert Defended Asian-American Cinema

AsianConnections, Commentary, Suzanne Joe Kai, Posted: Apr 05, 2013

Roger Ebert stood up against the double standard imposed upon “ethnic” films, writes the commentator.

Negotiating With Assad -- The Only Way to Save Syria

New America Media, Op-ed, Ghassan Michel Rubeiz, Posted: Apr 05, 2013

Negotiation between the opposition and the Assad government is the only way to stop the bloodshed, argues the commentator.

Asian Elders Could Be Hit Hardest by Fed ‘Sequester’ Cuts

International Examiner , Commentary, Christine Takada, Posted: Apr 05, 2013

If federal budget cuts continue, low-income ethnic elders, such as Asian American/Pacific Islanders, will be among those hardest hit.

Malkin and Vargas Debate Immigration on Twitter

Univision News, News Report, Posted: Apr 04, 2013

After discussing Filipino food, the pair engaged in a rare, honest, and prolonged Twitter exchange on the issue of immigration.

NY Latinos Win Victory Against 'La Migra'

El Diario/La Prensa, News Report, Posted: Apr 04, 2013

Twenty-two victims of unlawful home raids will receive compensation for damages according to a settlement with ICE.

Packet Schools - My One Hour a Week Classroom

Silicon Valley DeBug, First Person, Semaj Hawthorne, Posted: Apr 04, 2013

Seventh grader Semaj Hawthorne attends an independent school for one hour a week, where he gets a packet of homework and says teachers don't care.

The New Rape Whistle: Electric Bras and Condoms With Teeth

New America Media, Commentary, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Apr 04, 2013

Modern technology has brought us a new kind of rape whistle – an electrified bra that shocks anyone who touches it.

Undocumented Immigrants Work to Come Out of the Fiscal Shadows, Pay Taxes

Feet in Two Worlds/PRI's The World, News Report, Aurora Almendral, Posted: Apr 04, 2013

Some undocumented immigrants worry that they can't afford to pay years of back taxes that may be required in a pathway to citizenship.

Bridge Program a Lifeline For 'Medically Uninsurable'

New America Media, Video, Viji Sundaram // Video: Josué Rojas & Edith Romo, Posted: Apr 04, 2013

Through the Affordable Care Act, 15,000 formerly "uninsurable" Californians have gained access to health care.

I’m Young and Straight, But Gay Marriage Is My Issue Too

New America Media / Coachella Unincorporated, Commentary, Alejandra Alarcon, Posted: Apr 03, 2013

For one young woman, the fight for marriage equality is about more than gay rights -- it's about challenging society's concept of "the other."

매리랜드 주 건강개혁법 적극 시행

New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdllah, Translated by Aruna Lee, Posted: Apr 03, 2013

매리랜드 시민건강교육펀드의 수잔 슈래트먼 부대표에 따르면, 2014년 부터 무료 또는 보조 건강보험 자격에 해당되는 30만 명 이상의 수혜자가 새로운 의료 보험 혜택을 받게될 것이라고 했다.

Migrant Program Offers Lessons for Reaching Latino Preschoolers

EdSource Today, News Report, Lillian Mongeau, Posted: Apr 03, 2013

A program for migrant workers' children in California has been breaking down barriers that have kept Latino families out of early learning programs.

Patients Teach Doctor How to Heal at the End of Life

New America Media, News Report, Paul Kleyman, Posted: Apr 03, 2013

Stanford’s Dr. V.J. Periyakoil is changing the way people from diverse cultures think about end-of-life care.

Border Patrol Confrontation Videos Go Viral

Univision News, News Report, Posted: Apr 02, 2013

Hundreds of YouTube clips depict Americans refusing to comply with inland immigration checks.

AP Drops the Term 'Illegal Immigrant'

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Apr 02, 2013

The Associated Press announced Tuesday that it will no longer use the term "illegal" or "illegal immigrant" to describe a person.

Ninth Circuit to Hear Arizona's SB 1070 'Transport' Provision

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Apr 02, 2013

Lawyers for the state of Arizona today will defend one of the provisions of Arizona's controversial immigration law SB 1070.

Who’s Afraid of Immigrants With Criminal Records?

New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernández, Posted: Apr 02, 2013

An immigration reform movement whose motto is “We are not criminals” faces a dilemma: whether to include those with criminal records.

Business and Labor Reach Agreement on Immigration Reform

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Apr 01, 2013

A new agreement was reached Friday between the AFL-CIO and U.S. Chamber of Commerce on a low-skilled worker program.

Is the GOP Sincere in Denouncing its Bigots?

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Apr 01, 2013

GOP members blast Alaska Rep. Don Young for using a racial slur last week in discussing the immigration issue.

Reporter’s Notebook: The "China Dream" Smothered by Smog

New America Media, News Report, Andrew Lam, Posted: Apr 01, 2013

A heavy price is being paid for the Chinese Dream of prosperity -- manmade pollution, on an epic scale.