LA Activists Call on Sen. Feinstein to Back Immigration Reform

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LOS ANGELES – They want humane immigration reform, and they want it now.

As many as 500 immigration activists trooped to West Los Angeles on Wednesday noon.

They called on Sen. Dianne Feinstein to make a firm stand to support legislation on immigration reform.

Different groups and organizations representing a wide range of ethnic communities and sectors marched on Santa Monica and Sepulveda, effectively closing off the intersection right outside Feinstein’s office.

According to the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC), Wednesday’s mass action in LA was part of a National Day of Mobilization which included hundreds of similar events across the nation.

Across the US, thousands of immigration reform activists called on their lawmakers to pursue a comprehensive solution to fix the flawed immigration system.

Immigration issues raised by APALC in a press statement include the upholding of family-based immigration and family reunification, job quality and security for all workers, LGBT inclusion in immigration law, and a realistic pathway to citizenship.

APALC President and Executive Director Stewart Kwoh called the 1996 immigration laws “unfair” because families are being torn apart by deportation.

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