Violence Against Hmongs: Mothers Testify at Minneapolis School Board Meeting

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 MINNEAPOLIS — Several mothers of Henry High School students that were assaulted while using city buses going between the North Minneapolis school and home, testified on April 9, at the Minneapolis School Board meeting. They described for the school board members what happened to their children when they were assaulted, and the impact the assaults have had on their families.

One Hmong mother talked about her son’s being attacked and knocked out while waiting for a city bus to take him home. She described ongoing medical problems from the concussion, with lapses in memory and concentration and balance.

The former honors student, he has been forced to drop all his advanced courses. He had already done internships at the University of Minnesota to become a dentist, and his mom now worries that he will not be able to reach his potential and goals in life. For safety reasons the family has transferred him from Henry to Hopkins high, and she announced she would be pulling all ten of her children out of the Minneapolis Public School system. Read more here.