65 Years Post-Holocaust, Germany Is the World’s Most Popular Country (While Israel Barely Beats North Korea)

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 This year’s Country Ratings Poll, conducted for the BBC World Service by GlobeScan/PIPA, surveyed over 26,000 people worldwide. The poll measured how positively or negatively respondents viewed 25 different countries.

Just six decades removed from the atrocities of the Holocaust, Germany now stands alone as the most positively-viewed country in the world, with 59 percent viewing the country favorably.

In contrast, Israel – partially borne out of the ashes of Nazi Germany’s genocide during World War II – is one of the least popular countries, finishing just ahead of North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran.

How is it possible that, in such a compressed historical time period, a post-Holocaust Germany could become such a widely-admired country, while a newly-created Israel stands on the bottom of the world’s public opinion spectrum?

One answer being belted from the rafters is an all too predictable one: anti-Semitism!

However, the painful truth is this: while Germany as a country and a societal entity has largely (though not entirely) moved beyond the historical atrocities committed by the Nazis, the same unfortunately cannot be said for Israel.

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