A Medical Procedure One in Three Women Will Have in Their Lifetime

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 Who has abortions? Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, lawyers, students; women have abortions. People who choose abortion may be married, single, in an abusive relationship, in a healthy relationship; they may be religious or have no religious affiliation.

There is no “type” of woman that has an abortion; the reality is that roughly one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime. Though anti-choice activists would have us believe otherwise, abortion is a common medical procedure.

The narrative of who obtains abortions does not vary by state; what does vary are the obstacles that she must hurdle to obtain safe, legal, non-judgmental reproductive care that supports her right to determine whether or not to become a mother.

In speaking with women on the abortion fund hotline, it is notable that these women forgo paying their electric bills and rent, or go without food because insurance companies in Louisiana are prohibited from providing abortion coverage. Restrictive laws, specifically mandated waiting periods and in-person counseling, force the women with whom I speak to, to take several days off from work, often without pay, arrange child care, and negotiate transportation with someone is supportive of their choice. Read more here.