Heritage Study Dismissed by Conservative Groups

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In 2007, a Heritage Foundation study about the cost of immigration marked the beginning of the end of an effort to legalize undocumented immigrants. This year, the study center repeated its strategy to try to derail comprehensive immigration reform. However, this time the reaction has been different, reflecting better possibilities for the passage of an immigration bill.

A recent Heritage study showed that legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants will cost $6.3 trillion over the next 50 years. Unlike years ago, when the organization said it would cost $2 billion, now Republican and conservative groups have harshly criticized this analysis.

The report was intended to poison the climate for the legislative Senate hearings that began yesterday. Nevertheless, the one who ended up contaminated was Heritage, both because of its malicious numbers and the ideas of at least one of the study's authors. Report co-author Jason Richwine claimed in his doctoral dissertation that today's immigrants are less intelligent than the average white native. In his 2009 dissertation, Richwine said immigration negatively impacts the economy because it perpetuates low IQs in future generations. The Heritage Foundation announced Richwine's resignation on Friday.

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