Osaka Mayor Hashimoto is Not Welcome in San Francisco

Osaka Mayor Hashimoto is Not Welcome in San Francisco

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Osaka Mayor Toru HashimotoHashimoto is reportedly scheduled for a June visit to the United States, particularly California’s Silicon Valley, and to meet with San Francisco’s Mayor Edwin Lee and New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. But, a U.S. official in Japan hinted that Hashimoto could find himself an unwanted guest.

That's because of comments he made recently about the “necessity” of sex slavery by the Japanese military during World War II:

When soldiers are risking their lives by running through storms of bullets, and you want to give these emotionally charged soldiers a rest somewhere, it’s clear that you need a comfort women system."

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee said that he was “disappointed” and “offended” by Mayor Hashimoto’s remarks. His office has said that Mayor Lee is not currently scheduled to meet with Mayor Hashimoto.

San Francisco is a leader in women’s human rights and anti-violence policies and programs for women. The 1998 CEDAW Ordinance reflects the principles of the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, an international bill of rights for women including the right to be free from violence.

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