Parents: Teacher Forced Son To Lick Desk Clean After Drawing On It

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The parents of a School 16 Troy, New York, elementary school student are alleging that their son’s teacher forced him to lick his desk after he drew on it.

George (pictured left) and Latonia (pictured) Spencer told News Center the incident happened after the teacher caught their son doodling on his desk. As punishment, she ordered him to clean up the marks with his tongue.

According to published reports, the student was forced to keep licking the desk until he began to gag, at which point the teacher had him get paper towels and wipe it off. The incident reportedly occurred in February.

“We are constantly on our children, Listen to the teacher. Do what the teacher says,” Latonia said. “We never thought we’d have to say, Don’t lick the desk if the teacher tells you to lick the desk.”

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