It’s Not Over: Jeffrey Chen, Former Medina Police Chief Awarded $2 Million for Discrimination Claims, Awaits Post-Trial Decision

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 Though an eight-person federal jury unanimously awarded former Medina Police Chief Jeffrey Chen $2 million for discrimination claims against the city of Medina at the end of March, the city’s request for an appeal in April will delay any of the $237,000 in back pay, $1.65 million in pay for present and future employment loss and $100,000 in emotional damages.

Chen, who filed four discrimination claims in 2011 that were eventually heard by a jury — three federal and one state lawsuit — has incurred a massive amount of legal fees to build a strong case that his termination by Medina City Manager Donna Hanson in April 2011 was racially motivated.

“It’s been unfair that my family has suffered unwarranted publicity,” said Chen, who is raising four children. “Financially, it’s drained me of every resource I have. My children have gone without, and it’s unfair.” Read more here.