Post-Election Scenario in Pakistan

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 Recent elections in Pakistan will be remembered as the first democratic transfer of power after an elected legislative body completed its full term of five years without intervention from the establishment and military.

The unbelievable 60% turnout of voters, who despite the violence ridden electioneering rushed to polling stations, indicates they still believe in the power of the vote despite the fact that they have been cheated several times by the ruling junta comprising the army, bureaucracy and the feudal.

The puzzling waves of violence throughout the election, targeting only three liberal parties - ANP, MQM and PPP - might indicate a well-orchestrated strategy to deter voters and parties both from the election process which luckily did not happen.

It will also be remembered as an election full of terrorism and devoid of any meaningful political discourse in public rallies and media contents.

Although for the first time TV channels were fully used for political advertising for candidates and parties, it was fake slogans and personal attacks that dominated most political ads.

TV talk shows, however, continued their tradition of providing a platform to candidates, inciting them to a shouting match and throwing insults to each other, avoiding a real debate on day-to-day issues. The whole political rhetoric lacked real substance, plans and strategies for resolving domestic issues and proposing plans for international relations. Read more here.