After the Martin Verdict: Hug Your Sons

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(The Root) -- I am in a deep, deep well of sadness and loss. And anger, too. When my husband woke me up to tell me that George Zimmerman was found not guilty, I felt like I was still sleeping, like I was lost inside a nightmare. Ghosts swirled around me. So many children. And now one more. Five hundred years full of ghosts. Swirling around us all.

I turned to my husband in bed and whispered: "Let's just move." He breathed out. "Let's just move," I said again. "Let's go someplace else. Someplace where we don't have to worry so much …" My husband gazed out the window, then he turned and gazed into me.

We had never talked about moving, about leaving the country, before. Before becoming parents. Before this verdict that stunned us into a mute stillness. We lay there, together, in the bed, staring up at the ceiling, not saying anything more. Listening to the quiet streets. I heard a siren off in the distance, and then I heard nothing as we fell asleep together. Read more here.



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