Voting Rights: Feds Set to Mess With Texas

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When Texas' Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott gloated on Twitter just hours after the Supreme Court hobbled the Voting Rights Act (pdf) -- that "Eric Holder can no longer deny Voter ID in Texas" -- he had to know that the Obama administration would respond.

Attorney General Holder delivered the counterpunch on Thursday, targeting Texas, the political poster child for voter suppression, in a new strategy to protect minorities under the remaining parts of the landmark law. Holder announced that the Justice Department, citing Texas' history of discrimination, will ask a federal court to restore federal oversight of the state's voting procedures. "This is the department's first action to protect voting rights following the Shelby County [v. Holder] decision," Holder said in a speech to the National Urban League in Philadelphia, "but it will not be the last."

Abbott, who is running for governor, took to Twitter again after Holder's announcement: "I'll fight Obama's effort to control our elections & I'll fight against cheating at the ballot box."

On Thursday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry criticized the Obama administration for making an "end run around the Supreme Court."

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