El Diario Endorses Bill Thompson for NY Mayor

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New York's largest Spanish-language newspaper officially endorsed mayoral candidate Bill Thompson this week, calling him "the most thoughtful of the candidates" and "a constant source of common sense and seriousness." Editors of El Diario/la Prensa are calling on voters to cast their vote Sept. 10, noting that voter turnout in the Latino community is "imperative."

"As we continue the battle for immigration reform, we are more aware of the millions of Latinos who cannot vote. Yet an embarrassingly low percentage of those who have that right are expected to turn out in local elections," editors write.

"We must challenge that expectation. There are 950,000 Latino registered voters in New York City— 702,000 of who are registered Democrats. We urge you to make the voice of Latinos heard."

Candidate BIll Thompson, editors argue, is committed to undoing the quotas and racial profiling that have driven the NYPD's stop-and-frisk tactics. As a former president of the Board of Education, Thompson has the most familiarity with the public school system. He has promised to reduce the academic achievement gap by giving a voice to parents in educational policy. Finally, editors write, he supports educational opportunities for immigrants and has proposed a program called Big Apple, Big Dreams, which would create a fund for “Dreamers” and provide up to $5,000 in grants to undocumented students in the city who want to attend college.

Editors of El Diario/La Prensa recognized three other mayoral candidates as honorable mentions: John Liu ("an energetic candidate who really gets the immigrant community"); Christine Quinn ("As the only woman and LGBT person in the race, her possibility to make history is compelling. But her complicity with Mayor Bloomberg on bypassing voters to secure a third term raises serious questions about a commitment to democratic practices"); and Bill de Blasio ("His progressive politics are appealing and have effectively elevated the discussions in forums around town, but he has not connected with our community on the ground.")

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