Elders and Medicine People Oppose Horse Roundups

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 Eders and medicine people from the Black Mesa region of the reservation known collectively as the Nohaaká Dine, or Earth Surface Holy People, have unanimously passed a resolution opposing the ongoing roundup of close to 800 feral horses.

Despite the fact that the roundups have been organized in accordance with tribal law, the Nohaaká Dine group strongly opposes any further roundups.

They also oppose any and all actions by President Ben Shelly, who supports the roundup of the estimated 75,000 feral horses ravaging the already arid 27,000-square-mile landscape of the reservation, the Navajo Nation, U.S. Department of Interior, and Navajo Department of Agriculture regarding what they call a "mass execution of the horses that have been illegally round-up."

"These governmental entities have not attained our free, prior and informed consent in violation of our rights outlined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples," they wrote. "In addition, these illegal actions violate our Diné Way of Life and our responsibilities as human beings."

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