New Report Shows Deficiencies in Asian American Mental Health Care

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 A new report from the California Department of Mental Health's California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) shows a severe deficiency in mental health care services for Asian Americans. The CRDP report argues that there is a lack of access to care, language barriers, and a cultural stigma against mental health in the Asian American community.

Congresswoman Judy Chu, Assemblyman Ed Chau, and former State Assemblyman Mike Eng spoke at a press conference July 29 in Rosemead about the report and advocated for improvement on services targeting the American Asian population, China Press (世界日報) reports.

According to Chu, recent officer-involved shootings during which Asian Americans with mental health issues were killed demonstrate an urgent need to address mental health care in the Asian community. “If we offer multilingual services, the result of these police involved tragedies will be very different," Chu said, according to China Press. Read more here.