Newark Police Say No to ICE Detainer Requests

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The Newark Police Department is the most recent local law enforcement agency to announce that it will refuse requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain people who have been picked up for minor criminal offenses. Newark is the first city in New Jersey to stop honoring detainer requests from ICE. The announcement follows news that New Orleans has also adopted a similar policy.

Newark joins a growing list of cities—including Los Angeles, the District of Columbia, Chicago, and New York City—that are refusing to honor detainer requests that have become more common under the federal “Secure Communities” program.

Some states are taking steps to limit who state and local law enforcement officials can hold for deportation. California Gov. Jerry Brown may soon have a chance to sign the state’s TRUST Act that would codify these limitations. And the Connecticut legislature unanimously passed its version of the bill earlier this year.

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