1 in 5 Koreans in Their 20s Will Never Marry, Study Says

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 One out of five people in their 20s in Korea will end up being single for life, according to a report at the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs. The study stated that if present trends continue, 23.8 percent of Korean men in their 20s and 18.9 percent of women in their 20s will end up single until the age of 45 if present trends continue.

According to the Chosun Ilbo, the age of marriage among Koreans has risen from 28.8 in 1998 to 32.1 last year for men and from 26 to 29.4 for women. Demographers assume that if a person stays single until 45, they will never marry, especially since most women cannot have children after that age.

The study is just the latest in a long line of sobering statistics for South Korea’s demographic problems. As fewer men and women are getting married, and as the few that do get married late, the low birthrate is expected to shrink the labor force and depress economic growth.

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