Baby Veronica: Capobiancos Sue Dusten Brown for Nearly .5 Million in Fees

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 As Matt and Melanie Capobianco took possession of Veronica Brown on Monday night, another court action was brewing behind the scenes. Today, their lawyers in South Carolina are in court seeking fines, attorneys' fees and expenses totaling approximately $500,000 from Dusten Brown.

Brown, a member of the Oklahoma National Guard who served in Iraq, was forced to turn over his biological daughter to them after the failed visitation “negotiations” last week. On the presumption that the couple's attorneys were looking for a set of deep pockets from which to profit, the Cherokee Nation is also named in the action; however, according to tribal attorneys, the tribe is not a part of the contempt order and therefore not obligated to pay the Capobiancos. Additionally, they noted that the Capobiancos have no jurisdiction to sue the tribe and that the Cherokee Nation is protected under the 11th amendment granting them sovereign immunity from civil actions seeking damages and financial compensation.

But for Dusten Brown the suit has potentially devastating consequences. Costs outlined in the contempt action include fines of up to $32,000 a day, in addition to be forced to pay for the Capobiancos' living expenses while in Oklahoma. With a modest income and few assets, friends and insiders acknowledge that he has little chance of ever paying that kind of bill.