CNN Seeks to Stop Sale of 'Sanjay Gupta Kush' Weed

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 When Indian American physician Sanjay Gupta announced a change of mind and his new support for medicinal marijuana on a CNN special, he earned new fans and the respect of millions of medicinal users around the country who rejoiced that their needs were being taken seriously by the mainstream media.

“In issuing such a self-critical apology, Gupta has shown genuine courage,” wrote Salon’s David Sirota.

At the same time, another constituency also found a reason to rejoice: pot dispensaries. One such business, the Helping Hands Herbals Dispensary in Boulder, Colo., issued a press release Aug. 22 saying they were naming a strain of pot after the award-winning doctor.

The new strain, Organic Sanjay Gupta Kush, “… imparts a very relaxing state that calms the mind without compromising clarity.” According to the head of the dispensary, Gupta Kush has roots in the Hindu Kush Mountains between Afghanistan and Jammu & Kashmir. The weed is only available for sale to Colorado residents holding a medical marijuana card.

According to a report by the blog, Animal New York, CNN’s lawyers phoned Helping Hands and asked the dispensary to stop selling the product. Gupta has not made any public statement, but the dispensary owner says he will be willing to change the name if he receives an official cease-and-desist order.