Dearborn Protestors Reject Obama Administration’s Military Intervention in Syria

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 DEARBORN - Demonstrators at a rally here Thursday criticized President Barack Obama’s Administration for its involvement in the Syrian crisis.

Speaking, Osama Siblani, publisher of The Arab American News said, “We tell Obama, instead of spending our money and our energy to destroy Damascus, why don’t you do something about restoring Detroit from Bankruptcy? And if you have money to give to the Egyptians to kill each other, why don’t you give it to the Detroiters to stop killing each other?”

About 200 people attended the rally that was held, in objection to President Obama’s decision to possibly launch a U.S. military attack on Syria soon if evidence is found that its government used chemical weapons on an attack that killed hundreds of people. Protestors called on the Administration to not take military action in Syria, because of the dire consequences it would have.

Demonstrators held up signs that read, “Syria War, Obama’s Fascist takeover” and “Syria, Obama’s Bush War.”

"All we want is for children in Syria to live like children here," Majad Nakad, who has family in Syria said.

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