Dearborn's Latest Fad: The E-Hookah

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In recent years, argeileh (AKA hookah) smoking has become quite prevalent among Arab Americans around metro Detroit, as an upsurge of hookah lounges continue to attract young customers on a daily basis. However, what has been known to be tradition among the elderly in the Middle East for the past 800 years, is now moving in a more modern and innovative direction for the younger generation here in the U.S.

The E-hookah electronic cigarette has already begun to make its rounds among local residents here. Billed as a portable hookah, the product is convenient for individuals who are on-the-go. It shares a lot of similarities to an E-cigarette, which was introduced to the market just a few years ago, as an alternative and healthier substitute to cigarette smoking.

The E-hookah, comparable to the size of a cigar in dimensions, consists of three detachable parts. The first part is the battery, which can be detached from the product and attached to a USB cord that individuals can then attach to a computer and charge for the use of up to 800 puffs.

With various companies distributing the product, some claim the battery life can last through 300 recharges. Other companies are also offering a cheaper, disposable alternative, which only works for approximately 800 puffs and isn’t rechargeable.

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