Former Sage Hospital Employees Accuse CEO of Skimming Millions

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 Five former employees of Sage Memorial Hospital in Ganado, Ariz. are accusing the hospital's chief executive officer, Ahmad R. Razaghi, of skimming millions from the .638 hospital since he took over its operations seven years ago.

The whistleblowers say Razaghi contracted with his own company to provide employees for the hospital, charging huge markups, and paid himself a bonus of $1.84 million last year -- three times his annual salary and 52 percent of the hospital's profit -- while the hospital's employees have not received a raise in three years.

In addition, they say, he charged a $1 million malpractice settlement to the hospital while the doctor being sued was an employee of his own company, and then got Sage to pay his personal legal fees when his brother, a partner in the company, sued him after Razaghi tried to dissolve the company.

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