Highly Anticipated ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Video Game Features Koreatown Clone ‘Little Seoul’

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The long-awaited latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise will feature the neighborhood of “Little Seoul” a thinly-disguised parody of Koreatown in Los Angeles.

In addition, a leaked clip for the video game, which hits store shelves tomorrow, shows a random bystander character in the game speaking Korean, albeit with a broken and almost unintelligible accent.

It’s been five years since the last GTA sequel from publisher Rockstar Games and the New York Times says the latest entry, described as “profane and hugely enjoyable,” is the best in the series and maintains the franchise’s hold as the “most immersive spectacle in interactive entertainment.”

The Korean version will controversially come with subtitles for the first time, so Korean gamers without a firm grasp of English will finally be able to get the full GTA experience, according to the Korea Times.

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