Local Egyptians Rally Against Military Rule in Egypt

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 ROYAL OAK— Americans for Democracy in Egypt, a newly formed local Egyptian American organization, rallied on Saturday, Sept. 31 against "military rule" in Egypt.

About 30 protesters stood in front of the Art Beats and Eats Festival in Royal Oak, holding signs, denouncing the crackdown against Muslim Brotherhood protests in Egypt and the casualties of the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria on Aug. 21.

Dr. Ola Elsaid, an outspoken opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood, who called for former President Mohamed Morsi to step down, before he was ousted by the Army on July 3, said she does not agree with the way Egypt's first Islamist president was ousted.

"I was unhappy with Morsi's government," she said. "But I'm still unhappy with the way the military is turning Egypt into a police state."

Elsaid added that she does not support the Brotherhood policies, but explained that the army's unfair tactics are depriving the Islamist movement's supporters of their rights, as most MB leaders have been arrested.

"We want freedom and justice for all Egyptians," she explained. "Not just the ones I agree with." 

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