Maryland Residents Express Concern Over Syria

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As President Obama meets with lawmakers to forge support for limited military action in Syria, Prince George’s County residents waded into the fray, many of them opposing the prospect of the U.S. getting into another military conflict.

Ralph S. Williams, 30, of District Heights said the U.S. needs to take care of its own problems.

“I don't think our country needs to be worried about other countries when we have too many issues to deal with here,” he said. “I think war of any kind is stupid and it just sends hundreds and thousands of young men and women to their deaths.

Then, when the troops come back home to civilization, they are met with hardships and tons of waiting lists for jobs and places to live.”

Williams has a brother who is currently serving in the military.

“It's tough having a close family member in the military and you're not in it with them,” he said. “You’re used to seeing that person everyday or almost everyday and then you see them once a year...maybe.”
He said the risk is too great for the benefits.

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