Poor White Cash: GOP and Food Stamps

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It has become a rite of passage within Republican circles to oppose government spending and all things Obama, but one would think that poverty and hunger had no political affiliation. They do, however.

Not only have congressional Republicans committed to cutting basic services like food stamps and threatened a government shutdown to stop the funding of health care services to the most vulnerable among us, but they have also shown little inclination to end the automatic budget cut known as sequestration.

This means that in addition to the jobs lost during the recession and since the sequester first took effect, an additional estimated 900,000 jobs could be lost in the coming year. That would only exacerbate the poverty levels in America and devastate the communities now struggling to stay afloat.

Keep in mind that the GOP, its Tea Party Caucus and House Speaker John Boehner have refused to bring President Obama's American Jobs Act to the House floor for a simple vote. That alone, with its investments in education and infrastructure spending, could have created an additional 2 million jobs, according to initial reports from the Congressional Budget Office.

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