Vietnam’s Next Top Model Sends Mixed Messages to Transsexuals

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 Though it has only just begun casting for this year’s season, Vietnam’s Next Top Model is already catching heat for violating its own regulations about not receiving transgender contestants.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism called out the reality show after several transsexual models advanced to deeper levels of the audition process. The show’s regulations submitted to the ministry state that those undergoing transgender operations are ineligible.

Organized by the Hanoi-based Multimedia Company and aired on national television channel VTV3, the contest is in its fourth season and is open to both genders for the first time.

Previous editions featured only female contestants. It has received not only men though, but transsexuals, transvestites and “men with girly styles” during auditions, according to the organizer.

Some contestants registered as females, later confessing that they used to be men. Read more here.