Jesse Jackson urges Arab Americans to Fight Injustice

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 LIVONIA — Civil Rights Champion Reverend Jesse Jackson urged Arab Americans to fight injustice and stand up for their rights in the face of racism at the Arab American Civil Rights League’s (ACRL) second annual “Fight for Justice” Gala on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

The event, which was emceed by Channel 7/WXYZ Reporter Nima Shaffe, was attended by hundreds of people, including community leaders, elected officials and civil rights activists.

Jackson was given a fiery introduction by the president of the Detroit branch of the NAACP, Reverend Wendell Anthony. He described him as a preacher, teacher, fighter, activist and father.

Anthony thanked "visionary" ACRL Chairman and Founder, Attorney Nabih Ayad for his efforts in standing for civil rights and praised The Arab American News Publisher Osama Siblani for speaking "truth to power." He also thanked Arab American Institute President James Zogby for telling the truth with a different kind of analysis on the national stage.

Siblani and Zogby were both honored by the ACRL, prior to Jackson taking the stage for his keynote address. Ayad said both Siblani and Zogby have made a lifetime effort to protecting the community.

"One thing that is worse than slavery is to submit to it," said Jackson in an energizing speech. Read more here.