Latino Groups Rally Around Ray Suarez

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Several Latino organizations are coming to the defense of prominent Latino journalist Ray Suarez after the broadcasting giant said he quit PBS because he was starting to feel increasingly marginalized.

Suarez told Fox News Latino this week that his contributions to the public television network were heavy minimized over the last couple of years and he felt he "didn't have much of a future with the broadcast."

Prominent Latino leaders said they were disappointed that the network did not do more to keep Suarez - and make sure that one of the nation's leading Latino journalists had a primary role in the station's future.

"We have tremendous regard for Ray Suarez," said Angelo Falcón, president of the National Institute of Latino Policy, told Fox News Latino. "It's an outrage that someone as well qualified and that dedicated 14 years ... was put in a position and treated like a second-class citizen."

Falcón said his organization along with others have met with the higher ups at PBS about including more Latinos in its broadcast - and the best way to cover Latinos is to have someone in power who is from their community.

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