Message to Obama: Get to Work

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 (The Root) -- It is high time for President Obama to enjoy the spoils of his recent victory in the ongoing political war with the Republican Party. Now is the time for Obama to boldly assume the mantle of political leadership and offer a compelling vision of forward political progress capable of overcoming the manufactured political divisions created by his opponents, who are bent on eviscerating the social safety net.

Of course, there are still many short- and long-term challenges that Obama and the nation will confront during the three years remaining in his presidency -- not the least of which includes replicating the coalition that ended the recent fiscal crisis in order to pass a budget and raise the debt ceiling by early next year.

But the president cannot simply lead from crisis to crisis. Obama must now seize this opportunity to re-energize a second term that began with a stirring inaugural address placing social and economic justice as national priorities. The president has a singular opportunity to outline a broad and ambitious second-term agenda, one that should not be weighed down by the politics of the possible, but should look toward the political horizon for an expansive vision of American democracy.

One added bonus: With Republicans in Congress facing record-low approval ratings, Democrats now see an opportunity to upend the 2014 midterm elections from the preshutdown forecasts of Democratic defeats in the House and Senate. Read more here.