Rossana Rosado Retires from El Diario/La Prensa

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On Wednesday afternoon in their offices in downtown Brooklyn, there was a special staff meeting at New York's Spanish-language newspaper El Diario/La Prensa at which they announced the retirement of Rossana Rosado as its publisher, a post she has held for 14 years. She will be serving with the new title of "Publisher Emeritus" starting November 1 to help with the transition, including community relations. The announcement comes days after the culmination of the paper's 100th anniversary last Friday at Grand Central Station.

Last year Angelo Falcón, prsident of the National Institute for Latino Policy, wrote a commentary asking if it was, "The End of El Diario-La Prensa?" Now, he writes, this question becomes even more salient, with the paper "now firmly in the hands of Francisco Seghezzo, impreMedia's COO, who was the former corporate planning director of La Nación, the current Argentinian owners of impreMedia.

"With Rosado out and a new crew in charge with little connection to the Latino community," Falcón asks, "does this spell the end of El Diario as we know it, or simply its very end. Will Seghezzo be acting like an Argentinian Gordon Gekko or will he be turning El Dairio around after its long-term decline? A new beginning, or the beginning of the end?"