Twitter CEO Feuds with Wadhwa about Lack of Women Executives

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 Twitter chief executive officer Dick Costolo and Indian American researcher and BusinessWeek columnist Vivek Wadhwa recently exchanged in a testy back-and-forth debate, on Twitter of course, about the lack of women executives in leadership roles at the company.

The contretemps led to a flurry of articles and commentary in India and the U.S.

It was the perfect storm for Twitter, as the company’s recent announcement that it would file to go public meant that reporters were on the lookout for any angle involving Twitter ahead of its IPO.

Wadhwa was quoted in one such article in the New York Times criticizing Twitter for having an all-male board, an almost-all-male management team and all-male investor group.

Costolo in response Oct. 5 tweeted that Wadhwa was the “Carrot Top of academic sources,” referring to a red-haired comic who uses props and slapstick in his routines.

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