Pinkberry Co-Founder Convicted of Assaulting Homeless Man

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 The co-founder Frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry faces up to seven years in state prison after a jury found him guilty Friday of beating a panhandler with a deadly weapon in 2011.

The deliberation lasted for over a day before finally reaching a guilty verdict for Young Lee, 48. Evidence during the three-week trial proved that Lee threatened Donald Bolding and is considered a “threat to the community,” according to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Henry Hall. 

Lee was remanded with no bail and will be sentenced on Jan. 14, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Lee beat Bolding with a tire iron in June of 2011, after Bolding flashed a tattoo on his body of a stick-figure couple having sex as Lee was in his car with passengers, including his fiancee. Lee initially drove away from the scene, but returned shortly after and beat Bolding bloody, according to prosecutors.

The 48-year-old started Pinkberry in 2005, but has since cut ties with the business.

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