South Korea Demands Japan Delete YouTube Video Claiming Dokdo

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 South Korea is demanding the removal of a video clip posted on a Japanese government website via YouTube that claims the Liancourt Rocks as Japanese territory.

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a two-minute English-language video clip, which claims that the islets were “never treated as part of Korea” and have been under the jurisdiction of Japan “since about 1905.”

“We sternly demand the Japanese government immediately delete the video footage,” South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Cho Tai-young said, according to Yonhap News. “I repeat the call once again to the Japanese government to face up to the truth. It’s regretful that the country closes its ears to such truth, it will do no good to Japan.”

Park Joon-yong, South Korea’s director of the Northeast Asian department at the country’s foreign ministry, reportedly summoned Takashi Kurai, Seoul’s Japanese embassy deputy chief of mission, and lodged a strong complaint over the video.

Korea and Japan have been in a decades-long dispute over ownership of the Liancourt Rocks. Located in the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula, the islets are called Dokdo in Korean and Takeshima in Japanese. Korea has kept a police detachment on Dokdo since 1954 and is set to spend $4 million next year to promote the islets as its territory.