'Urban Terrorism' in Detroit and No One Noticed

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The gunman had a beef with the guys gambling in the back of Al's Barber Shop in Detroit, so he strapped on body armor and shot into the crowd of people Wednesday evening. At least one man in the crowd returned fire. In total three men were killed and six were wounded. The police have arrested a "person of interest," and the embattled city of Detroit has yet another tragedy to deal with on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"It is certainly tragic, and it rises up to one of Detroit’s more violent incidents,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a televised news conference Thursday, according to the Times. "It is certainly a violent act and what I am calling 'urban terrorism'."

Chief Craig's phrasing describes what has been plaguing black communities for decades—"urban terrorism," an almost poetic term that only partly captures the violence, tragedy and fear that grips Detroit. As the world steels itself against threats of global terrorism, the shooting in Detroit is emblematic of the concern and fear that those in the inner city experience daily.

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