Despite Renovations, Health Concerns Still Plague NOLA School

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Jan 31, 2014

Citing mold, asbestos, rodent droppings and structural damage, activists say planned renovations at John McDonogh High School can't come soon enough.

Buscando una vocación, en séptimo grado

New America Media, News Report, Irene Florez, Posted: Jan 31, 2014

Esto porque así lo exige el nuevo programa estatal trayectorias profesionales, Career Pathways, que empieza a aplicarse precisamente para la misma época.

Career Pathways to Boost Grad Rates For Latino Students in GA

New America Media, News Report, Irene Florez, Posted: Jan 31, 2014

Middle school students in Georgia may be choosing their careers as early as this fall, when the state's Career Pathways program is expected to begin.

Why the Popular Trend of Smoking Hookas in Detroit Has One Doctor Alarmed

PRI's The World, News Feature, David Leveille, Posted: Jan 31, 2014

New hookah lounges are sprouting up near Detroit and becoming social gathering places for young people of all backgrounds.

Common Core: “We’re Building the Plane While We’re Flying It”

New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Jan 30, 2014

Parents and teachers grapple with Common Core roll-out.

San Jose少數族裔媒體探討公民資格障礙

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Jan 30, 2014


Q&A: What’s Behind the Drop in Bay Area Homicides?

Street Soldiers Radio, Question & Answer, Dr. Joseph Marshall, Street Soldiers Radio, Posted: Jan 30, 2014

Rev. Michael McBride of The Way Christian Center in West Berkeley, Calif.explains the drop in Bay Area homicides.

India's Ban on Gay Sex Could Be Boon for Asylum Seekers

India West/New America Media, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Jan 29, 2014

India's criminalization of gay sex could make it easier for asylum seekers in the United States to prove a “credible fear of persecution.”

GOP Again Spins Bogus Line of Obama the Dictator

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Jan 29, 2014

Obama’s vow to wield the executive pen amounts to a frontal challenge to the GOP to cease its obstructionism to anything that has the White House stamp on it.

Q&A: Creating Access to STEM Education for Students of Color

New America Media, Question & Answer, Anna Challet, Posted: Jan 29, 2014

The Level Playing Field Institute hosts hackathons to expose minority students to computer science.

Coordinating Health Care for California’s 'Dual Eligibles'

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jan 29, 2014

Dual eligibles, those who qualify for both Medi-Cal and Medicare, are estimated to be the most expensive demographic in the health care system.

DREAMer Wins a Grammy

NBC Latino, News Report, Posted: Jan 28, 2014

“La Santa Cecilia” dedicated their Grammy to the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S.

Drought Brings Hard Times to California Ethnic Farmers

New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen, Posted: Jan 28, 2014

California's minority farmers struggle to connect with federal and state assistance programs aimed at mitigating the effects of the state's worst-ever drought.

President Obama Casts Ugly Glare on Race Tainted Drug War

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Jan 28, 2014

Marijuana has been yet another weapon in the relentless and naked drug war on minorities, especially African Americans.

The ‘Bamboo Ceiling’: Hollywood Shuns Asians, While New Media Embraces Them

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jan 26, 2014

Asians have found stardom on social media and reality TV, but continue to be underrepresented on the silver screen.

Out of the Darkness: For Inmates Released Late at Night, Change May Be Coming

New America Media, News Report, Anna Challet, Posted: Jan 25, 2014

Inmates are often discharged at night, after buses have stopped running, and shelters and treatment centers have closed their doors.

El miedo, idioma y el dinero - los medios étnicos de San José abordan las barreras a la ciudadanía

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Jan 24, 2014

Ocho millones de inmigrantes son elegibles para la ciudadanía. Sin embargo, sólo el 8 por ciento de ellos se convierten en ciudadanos cada año.

Will Phoenix Document the 'Undocumented'?

New America Media, News Report, Valeria Fernández, Posted: Jan 24, 2014

The political conditions this year might be ideal for something that once seemed unthinkable in the city of Phoenix: a city ID card.

Native American Artists Leave Images of Healthy Lifestyles for Future Generations

Navajo Times/New America Media, News Feature, Colleen Keane , Posted: Jan 24, 2014

Paintings by Native American artists like Ignacio Moquino preserve the legacy of traditional lifestyles focused on healthy eating and exercise.

NBC Latino Shuts Down -- Failed Experiment or Successful Test?

Latina Lista, Commentary, Marisa Treviño, Posted: Jan 23, 2014

NBC's decision to shut down its Latino news site doesn’t bode well for the network if they look at NBC Latino as a failed experiment.

Fear, Language and Money -- San Jose Ethnic Media Tackle Barriers to Citizenship

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Jan 23, 2014

More than 8 million immigrants in the U.S. have green cards and are eligible for U.S. citizenship. Yet only 8 percent become citizens each year.

Former Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell, Wife Indicted for Corruption

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jan 22, 2014

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, were indicted Tuesday in federal court Tuesday on corruption charges after federal authorities probed a gift-giving scandal involving a campaign donor.

Blacks and Latinos Got Shorted on Sandy Relief

The Root, News Report, Posted: Jan 22, 2014

To say that this has been a bad month for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would be something of an understatement. On top of the ongoing “bridge-gate” scandal, he’s now fighting allegations that his administration used Superstorm Sandy recovery funds to both strong-arm Hoboken’s mayor on a development deal and promote himself in election-year advertisements.

A Native 'American Idol' Winner? Aranesa Turner Has a Shot

Indian Country Today, News Report, Posted: Jan 22, 2014

Aranesa Turner was selected by the American Idol judges to receive a trip to Hollywood to compete against other hopefuls on the show.

Revolutions in Reverse

New America Media, Video, Jamal Dajani, Posted: Jan 22, 2014

Middle East expert Jamal Dajani spoke to NAM about the Arab Spring three years after Tunisia, and the humanitarian crisis gripping Syria.

Pittsburgh Hospice Study Raises Questions on Race, Income and Stress

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/New America Media , News Report, Gary Rotstein , Posted: Jan 22, 2014

A Pittsburgh study found more terminally ill people there use hospice than nationally, but revealed a surprising finding on race and income levels.

New Unemployment Disparity Report

AA Press, News Report, Posted: Jan 21, 2014

The Minnesota Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has released a new report, co-authored by students and professors from the University of St. Thomas School of Law, that examines the underlying causes of racial disparity in unemployment in Minnesota and recommendations for change.

Miyazaki Film Among 2014 Oscar Nominees

Rafu Shimpo, News Report, Posted: Jan 21, 2014

Veteran animator Hayao Miyazaki’s last film is among the nominees for the 86th Academy Awards, announced Thursday in Beverly Hills.

Richard Sherman’s Blackness Will Take Center Stage at This Year’s Super Bowl

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Jan 21, 2014

Sherman is now the hottest name in sports, and all the attention has very little to do with how he performed on the field.

Ways Forward for Vietnam in the Southeast Asian Sea

New America Media, News Analysis, Jonathan London, Posted: Jan 21, 2014

Questions among the Vietnamese about how to deal with an increasingly expansionary Beijing have gained increasing attention.

On MLK Day, Remember: Workers’ Rights Are Civil Rights

The Root, Commentary, Richard Trumka, Posted: Jan 20, 2014

King championed the workers’ cause so much so that even on his last day on Earth he was organizing black sanitation workers in Memphis.

2014 -- The Best Year to Become a U.S. Citizen

New America Media, Op-ed, Wojciech Zolnowski, Posted: Jan 20, 2014

If you are a legal permanent resident eligible for American citizenship, there is no better time than 2014 to resolve to become a citizen.

Objections Raised to Disrespectful MLK Day Ads

The Afro, News Report, Posted: Jan 19, 2014

Loved ones of Martin Luther King, Jr. are reacting to an ad using unauthorized images of his likeness to advertise a teen dance party.

Reflecting on the Legacy of MLK

New America Media, Video, Valerie Klinker, Posted: Jan 19, 2014

NAM reporter Valerie Klinker asked passersby in downtown San Francisco about what they see as the legacy of Martin Luther King.

Preventing Elders' Fatal Falls Could Save $30 Billion a Year?

Sarasota Herald-Tribune , News Feature, Barbara Peters Smith, Posted: Jan 19, 2014

One out of three older Americans falls each year. That comes to over 1.4 million falls, at an estimated annual medical cost of $30 billion.

Budget Deal Protects Fossil Fuel Interests

InsideClimate News, News Report, John H. Cushman Jr., Posted: Jan 18, 2014

Bill props up fossil fuels at the expense of clean energy programs, but Obama retains considerable leeway in tackling climate via executive actions.

Parents, Students Welcome California’s New School Finance Regs

New America Media, News Report, Nicole Hudley, Posted: Jan 17, 2014

On Thursday, California's State Board of Education voted to adopt a set of regulations that create more accountability in how districts spend state dollars.

CCSF Chancellor Sees Path Forward Through Commission, Not Courts

New America Media, Interview, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Jan 17, 2014

City College of San Francisco Chancellor Arthur Tyler says recent improvements at the school warrant a reappraisal by the accreditation commission.

Proposed Tobacco Settlement Excludes Black Media

New America Media, News Report, George E. Curry, Posted: Jan 17, 2014

A recent settlement with four tobacco companies will direct $30 million in advertising to television networks and newspapers, but black media were overlooked.

'Paternalism at its Worst' -- Court Ruling Threatens Tribal Sovereignty

Indian Country Today Media Network, News Report, Sherry Treppa, Posted: Jan 16, 2014

All Native Americans should be concerned about a court decision ordering the Bureau of Indian Affairs to decide who can be a member of one California tribe.

Hmong Parents Rely on School Janitor for Translations

New America Media, News Report, Colby Tilbbet , Posted: Jan 16, 2014

Hmong parents in Fresno say a lack of translation services is the greatest barrier to that community’s engagement with the school district.

The Crisis in Black and Brown Youth Unemployment

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Jan 15, 2014

As the White House prepares to launch a major economic opportunity effort, record high unemployment among black and Latino youth underscores how essential it is to create job opportunities for young people of color.

House GOP Could Back Imm. Reform With Path to Legal Status

VOXXI, News Report, Griselda Nevarez, Posted: Jan 15, 2014

Recent remarks by House Republican leaders indicate the GOP is preparing to move forward with immigration reform legislation.

Trauma on Arrival -- Enhancing Refugee Mental Health Services

USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, News Report, Erika Beras, Posted: Jan 15, 2014

Over the next five years, 50,000 Congolese will resettle in the U.S. Many will arrive without any English and with trauma, depression and other scars of war.

Impact of HIV/AIDS on Over 50 Population Growing

Bay Area Reporter/New America Media , News Report, Matthew Bajko, Posted: Jan 15, 2014

As the global AIDS epidemic continues to age, greater focus is being paid to older adults living with HIV.

CA Senator Proposes Expanding Obamacare to Undocumented

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Jan 14, 2014

State Sen. Richard Lara (D-Bell Gardens), who runs the legislature's Latino Caucus,, said he will file a bill to expand health coverage to all Californians, regardless of immigration status.

Diplomat Khobragade Seeks Dismissal of Visa Fraud Case in US

India West, News Report, Posted: Jan 14, 2014

Devyani Khobragade has moved a federal court to dismiss the visa fraud case against her, saying there is lack of personal jurisdiction since she had been accorded full diplomatic immunity by the U.S. Department of State.

Who is Sangeeta Richards Anyway? The Long and Short of the Khobragade Affair

New America Media, Commentary, Shamita Das Dasgupta, Posted: Jan 14, 2014

Sangeeta Richards, the domestic worker at the center of the recent diplomatic row with India, quickly became invisible in the media melee.

What Our Schools Need -- A Student's Eye View

New America Media, Photo Essay, Posted: Jan 14, 2014

From arsenic-laced drinking water to broken bathrooms, slow computers and bad food, California students weigh in on where school funding is needed most.

Black Hollywood Was Snubbed at Golden Globes

The Root, Op-ed, Keli Goff, Posted: Jan 13, 2014

It was not a big night for the film’s stars, director or frankly anyone else who happened to be black and in the room that evening.

Youth Violence Higher in Communities with few Black Men

Afro American News, News Report, Posted: Jan 13, 2014

In neighborhoods where men are missing in action, youth violence is more likely, a recent University of Michigan study has concluded.

Young Kim Wants to Bring a Conservative Voice to the California Assembly

Koream Journal, News Report, Posted: Jan 13, 2014

Young Kim has never run for political office. But the longtime congressional staffer feels the time has now come.

Special Report: New Mortgage Rules Take Effect

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jan 13, 2014

Although many economists claim the recession is over, millions of Americans are still reeling from its financial effects.

A Guide to the Common Core, the Next Phase of High-Stakes Testing

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Jan 13, 2014

After years of planning and development, national standardized tests tied to the new education initiative are being rolled out this year.

When a New Home Means a New Diet, Health Problems Can Arise for Refugees

New America Media/USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, News Report, Erika Beras, Posted: Jan 13, 2014

Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, and another 79 million are pre-diabetic, up sharply over the last few decades.

Four Issues Pakistanis Can Influence More than US Drones

Pakistan Link, Commentary, Hina Baloch and Zmarak Yousefzai, Posted: Jan 13, 2014

Pakistanis are ideally placed to pressure the government into stopping its human rights abuses against the country’s ethnic and religious minorities.

"Families and Faith" Author Predicts More Boomers Will Return to Religions

Religion News Service/New America Media , Question & Answer, Janice Lloyd, Posted: Jan 12, 2014

The lead scholar on a six-generation family study says changes in aging boomers—and religious institutions—will return even some non-believers to the pews.

Central Valley Residents Grapple with Proposed Fracking Regulations

South Kern Sol/New America Media, News Report, Alfredo Camacho, Posted: Jan 11, 2014

The state agency tasked with developing regulations on fracking is taking public comment by fax or email until Jan. 14.

Elderly Koreans in NY Have Nowhere to Go

Korea Times - Translated by Voices of NY, News Report, Jaha Ham/Translated by Jiwon Choi from KOREAN, Posted: Jan 11, 2014

One senior citizen said that it is much better to have a pleasant conversation about the world with friends in a free atmosphere like McDonald’s.

San Diego Has Fallen Behind on Combating Police Racial Profiling

Voice of San Diego, News Report, Liam Dillon and Megan Burks, Posted: Jan 11, 2014

The San Diego Police Department has often failed to follow its own rules regarding the collection of racial data at traffic stops, saying the community isn't concerned about racial profiling. A local black officers group, the NAACP and a city councilman disagree.

Study: Muslim Bias Still Strong in Calif. Classrooms

New America Media, News Report, Semany Gashaw, Posted: Jan 10, 2014

The study found that half of the students polled said they were subjected to mean comments by their peers, because of their religion, and one in five girls who wore a hijab, reported being bullied.

How People in Muslim Countries Prefer Women to Dress in Public

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Jan 10, 2014

Overall, most respondents say woman #4, whose hair and ears are completely covered by a white hijab, is the most appropriately dressed for public.

Cashing in on College Athletics

New America Media, News Feature, George White, Posted: Jan 10, 2014

A landmark lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association says athletes should share in the huge profits they are producing.

Why Legalized Weed Is Good News for Young Black Men

The Root, Op-ed, John McWhorter, Posted: Jan 10, 2014

Ending the war on drugs would mean a new day for young black men.

Young Men Deserve Credit in Drop in Richmond Violence

New America Media, Commentary, DeVone Boggan, Posted: Jan 10, 2014

Richmond, Calif. has made strides in combating gun violence, in part, through an innovative city mentoring program for young men.

Public Pressure Prompts Change to Calif.’s School Finance Plan

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Jan 09, 2014

Calif.’s State Board of Education proposed changes aimed at making school districts more accountable in the way to spend extra funds under the state’s new school finance plan.

Crime Victim Compensation Policies Leave Too Many Behind

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Jan 09, 2014

The requirements, advocates in California and other states say, disproportionately hurt victims and survivors living in communities already battered by high crime, mass incarceration and one-size-fits-all aggressive policing

Clashes at Samsung Factory in Vietnam, Four Injured

Bao Moi, News Report, Posted: Jan 09, 2014

Around 7 a.m. Thursday, hundreds of people flocked to a Samsung factory outside of Hanoi to 'protest' because of a miniscule reason.

U.S. Deported Around 369,000 Immigrants in 2013

New America Media/Philippine Daily Inquirer, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Jan 09, 2014

The U.S. government deported about 369,000 immigrants, including a number of Filipinos, during fiscal year 2013.

Report Highlights Buying Power of Asian American Consumers

Koream Journal, News Report, Steve Han, Posted: Jan 09, 2014

A new Nielsen report shows a community flexing its spending muscles, but model minority concerns emerge.

Welcome to Oakland, Mr. Wheeler

New America Media, Commentary, Malkia Cyril and Craig Aaron, Posted: Jan 08, 2014

A town hall meeting in Oakland, Calif. on Thursday gives the new FCC chairman his first opportunity to meet with the public.

The School Nobody Wanted - Except the Community

New America Media, News Report, Khalil Abdullah, Posted: Jan 08, 2014

The closure of Sarah T. Reed Senior High School in New Orleans will usher in the first school district in the country with no publicly-run schools.

Controversy Alert: Tiger Mom Claims “Some Races Are Superior”

Audrey Magazine, News Report, Posted: Jan 08, 2014

Amy Chua is no stranger to controversy. In 2011, she gained the nickname “Tiger Mom” through her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother which advocated for a strict “Chinese” parenting style as well her belief that Chinese mothers are superior.

Cendena: First Filipino and First Openly Gay Chairperson of the NCAPA

Asian Journal, News Report, Posted: Jan 08, 2014

The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA), a coalition of 31 national organizations, recently elected a new executive committee that will spearhead its efforts in achieving greater policy presence and impact for Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Hawaiian (AANHPI) communities.

Problems Continue in Fukushima

Rafu Shimpo, News Report, Posted: Jan 08, 2014

Commemorating 1,000 days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, various events and gatherings to maintain awareness of the Fukushima disaster were held throughout Japan in December.

Eldercare Experts Find Skype Can Beat Depression Better Than Meds

KUT-FM/New America Media, News Feature, Veronica Zaragovia, Posted: Jan 08, 2014

Untreated depression is a big problem for Texas’ growing senior population. Experts find that therapy via Skype can beat meds as a lasting remedy.

NAFTA Hurt Workers on Both Sides of the Border

The Real News, Question & Answer, Jaisal Noor, Posted: Jan 08, 2014

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.

South Korea Urged Cambodia’s Military to Crack Down on Protesters

Global Post, News Report, Posted: Jan 07, 2014

Conspiracy theorists frequently accuse rich countries of “puppeteering” in the developing world, quietly pushing governments to deploy thugs to protect wealthy — and sometime abusive-corporations.

What's going on with GED in 2014?

TC Daily Planet, News Report, Posted: Jan 07, 2014

Is the GED the same as a high school diploma? No, but for people who have dropped out of high school, it's often the next best thing. In 2012, 9,712 Minnesotans took the GED test and 5,562 passed, getting a credential that can open doors to jobs and college or vocational training. Next year, the test will get harder, and more expensive. What's up with that?

Tabby Thomas, ‘King of the Swamp Blues,’ Dies

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Jan 07, 2014

Tabby Thomas was core to the Louisiana blues.

Done Deal: Tribe Officially Owns a Coal Mine

Navajo Times, News Report, Posted: Jan 07, 2014

On Monday, according to a Dec. 30 BHP Billiton press release, the sale was finalized.

The Butterfly Effect: Connecting LGBT and Immigrant Rights

New America Media, Commentary, Arcelia Hurtado, Posted: Jan 07, 2014

Seeing same-sex marriage legalized in Utah made me wonder whether change like that would ever come to my home state of Texas.

For New Generation of American Expats, East Asia Beckons

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jan 07, 2014

A new generation of expats venture abroad with a surprising sense of humility and open-mindedness, bent on reinventing themselves through immersion in local cultures.

LGBT Organizations Will March in Orange County Tet Parade

Angry Asian Man, News Report, Posted: Jan 06, 2014

Community members vote to include formerly barred groups in this year's Tet celebration in Little Saigon, Orange County.

Dangerous Temps Prompt Additional Shelter Options for Youth, Others

AA Press, News Report, Posted: Jan 06, 2014

Hennepin County and our partners are working to ensure that as many residents as possible have warm shelter as temperatures plummet to record lows this week.

The Supreme Court Is Building a Frankenstein Monster

Colorlines, News Analysis, Posted: Jan 06, 2014

The stage is set to determine whether the U.S. Supreme Court will expand its effort to out-do Dr. Frankenstein.

Seattle Mayor Makes Immediate Move Toward $15 Minimum Wage for City Employees

International Examiner, News Report, Posted: Jan 06, 2014

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray signed the first Executive Order of his new administration that sets in motion a plan to raise the minimum wage of all city workers to $15 an hour.

Kolkata Gang Rape: How 16-Year-Old Victim Became a Political Football

First Post, Commentary, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jan 06, 2014

The rape and killing of a 16 year-old girl in Kolkata is proof of the Indian government's inability to protect women or deter their assailants.

Stay or Go? Terminally Ill Undocumented Immigrants Face Dilemma

La Opinion/New America Media, News Feature, Araceli Martínez Ortega , Posted: Jan 06, 2014

Returning to Latin America can be a form of palliative care for dying undocumented immigrants whose last wish is to go home.

Volver a casa, última voluntad de indocumentados con males terminales

La Opinion/New America Media, News Feature, Araceli Martínez Ortega , Posted: Jan 06, 2014

Gil García García empezó a sentir un dolor agudo en el pie izquierdo, era como un piquete en el estomágo, pero no le dio importancia, se hacía el valiente.

Elder Artisan Weaves Alamo Navajo Heritage for New Generations

Navajo Times/New America Media , News Feature, Colleen Keane, Posted: Jan 05, 2014

Navajo’s Isabelle Pino-Thomas, 78, sustains the distinctive Alamo style both through weaving and teaching the heritage art to new generations.

Ten Environmental Victories and Triumphs of 2013

Indian Country Today, News Report, ICT Staff, Posted: Jan 04, 2014

Native American tribes played a major role in a number of environmental justice victories last year.

Surviving Life In the Shadows -- A Letter to My Brother

New America Media / We'Ced Youth Media, First Person, Diego Sandoval, Posted: Jan 04, 2014

A young "undocuqueer" living in Merced, California, writes a letter to his younger brother encouraging him to succeed despite life's injustices.

Jamaicans Among Top 10 Nationals Deported in 2013

Afro, News Report, Afro Staff, Posted: Jan 04, 2014

ICE officials said the top 10 groups deported in 2013 hailed from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Myth of Minimum Wage as Job Killer Persists

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Posted: Jan 03, 2014

The GOP has done a good job convincing Americans that a minimum wage hike is not in their best interest.

Top 10 NAM Stories of 2013 -- From Gay Marriage to Islamic Divorce

New America Media, Roundup, NAM Editors, Posted: Jan 03, 2014

New America Media’s top stories of 2013 broke new ground and started conversations that are sure to continue in 2014.

Oakland Made Progress on Violent Crime in 2013

New America Media, News Analysis, David Muhammad, Posted: Jan 03, 2014

Over the last six months of 2013, a citywide prevention strategy helped to dramatically reduce violent crime in Oakland.

국경을 넘어선 사랑

New America Media, Op-ed, John A. Nechman, Posted: Jan 02, 2014

LGBT 커뮤니티 포괄적인 이민 개혁법 위해 선봉에 서야 한다.

For Caregivers and Hospice Angels, Self-Care Is Not Optional

Psychology Today/New America Media, News Analysis, Rita Watson, Posted: Jan 02, 2014

Caring for people at the end of life can be filled with blessings, meaningful experiences and peace of mind, but also exhaustion that can lead to depletion.

Forrest Gerard, Champion of Tribal Sovereignty

New America Media, Commentary, Mark Trahant, Posted: Jan 02, 2014

Forrest Gerard went from the Blackfeet Reservation to Washington D.C., where he helped craft landmark federal policy for Indian tribes.

For Ethnic Media Vet, MundoFox Latest Stop On Long Journey

New America Media, Profile, Mary Bowerman, Posted: Jan 01, 2014

Longtime ethnic media reporter José Luis Sierra continues to serve the Spanish-speaking community as a producer for MundoFox.