Richard Sherman’s Blackness Will Take Center Stage at This Year’s Super Bowl

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 There are apparently many racist white people on Twitter who would love to see a “classy”, “measured” (read: white) Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning teach Seattle Seawhawks Cornerback Richard Sherman a lesson or two in civility because his blackness is getting in the way.

Sherman is now the hottest name in sports, and all the attention has very little to do with how he performed on the field. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback made a game-saving play during Sunday’s NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers and then gave an emotional post-game interview in which he does a bit of dramatic trash-talking that’s been widely mocked with racist invective ever since. But the ensuing drama has put racism in American sports on center stage just in time for this year’s Super Bowl.

For some background: Deadspin rounded up some of the worst of the worst after Sunday’s game (Greg Howard’s piece on the “Plight of the Conquering Negro” is also a must-read). After Sunday’s interview, Twitter’s racist trolls came out in full force and called Sherman pretty much every anti-black slur imaginable, including a”typical nigger”, “ape” and “gorilla.” One user even went as far as to write, “Someone needs to introduce Richard Sherman to George Zimmerman.#ThugLifeOver.” Read more here.