Young Kim Wants to Bring a Conservative Voice to the California Assembly

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 Young Kim has never run for political office. But the longtime congressional staffer feels the time has now come.

“The environment has to be right, the political landscape has to be right,” said Kim, who announced her candidacy for California’s 65th Assembly District last October. “You have to have some sort of backbone or root in the district, either having lived there or worked there for a long time. You don’t just jump in and say, ‘I’m doing it.’”

Her more than two decades representing this community has instilled in her the skills to be the person with just those credentials, she believes. It’s a conviction that she’s developed over time. “I never thought 23 years ago … that I would run for office,” she said. But she added that many friends and community leaders from the district convinced her that she had the qualities to be an effective legislator—and could actually win this race.

The journey began in 1990 when Kim’s spouse, former Korean American Coalition Executive Director Charles Kim, introduced her to U.S. Rep. Ed Royce. That meeting led to a career in politics as a member of the Republican congressman’s staff. Now, Kim is running for a seat in the Assembly that shares some of that geographic territory in Orange County. And she wants to bring a firm conservative voice to a California legislature that has been dominated by the other party. Read more here.