'Frybread' -- First TV Sitcom About Native Americans

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Actor J.W. Washington starred in the 2011 ensemble comedy-slash-mockumentary More Than Frybread as the character Donathon Littlehair, the fastidious, if incompetent, president of the fictional Arizona Frybread Chapter of the World Wide Frybread Association (WWFA). Fans of the film will be happy to know that Washington has teamed up with the production company again and they are attempting to expand the concept into a television show, simply entitled “Frybread.” If they are successful, it will be the first Native American sitcom. Two-thirds of the pilot episode has been shot and the company is promoting their kickstarter campaign in order to complete production.

Though he is Choctaw and Shawnee and comes from Oklahoma, Washington was raised in the Navajo Reservation in Window Rock, Arizona where he first started acting.

“I was always interested in acting,” Washington says. “I did high school drama. When I got out of college I was involved with community theater on the Navajo reservation; we had plays in what used to be an old bowling alley structure, it was a BIA building. I was doing that and just before they started auditioning for the film I began talking some acting classes in the Sedona Film School, which is nearby.”`

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