Jose Antonio Vargas’ Film ‘Documented’ Will Be in Theaters

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Jose Antonio Vargas’ remarkable journey from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to leading undocumented activist is coming to the big screen. “Documented” is a documentary film that chronicles Vargas’ path to becoming a crusader for immigration reform. It’s already been slated to broadcast on CNN, but the film will now be released in select New York City and Los Angeles theaters and will be eligible for Oscar consideration.

The film was written, produced and directed by Vargas, and counts among its executive producers Silicon Valley heavyweight Sean Parker and Janet Yang of “The Joy Luck Club.”

Vargas talked to the Hollywood Reporter about why film is such a powerful medium for his story. “As a newcomer to America who learned to ‘speak American’ by watching movies, I firmly believe that to change the politics of immigration and citizenship, we must change culture — the way we portray undocumented people like me and our role in society. I am thrilled to be working with CNN, Tugg and BOND/360 to share my story on screens around the country and remind people that when we talk about immigration, we are talking about real people and their families.”

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