Despite Disapproval From Officials, South Korea's Gay Pride Parade Will Go On

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Organizers in South Korea have announced they will host the nation’s annual gay pride parade in June despite disapproval from city officials, the Wall Street Journal reports.

A Seoul district office initially approved the 2014 Korea Queer Festival, which is entering its 15th year, but then revoked the permission, fearing the parade might stir further controversy amid the aftermath of last month’s ferry tragedy, which has drawn heavy public criticism of the South Korean government.

The organizers of the parade say officials are being pressured by Christian groups that oppose offering civil rights for sexual minorities, though the district-office spokesman insist that the protests had no impact on the cancellation. A number of sporting, government and promotional events in South Korea have been canceled in South Korea recently as its citizens are still mourning the Sewol ferry’s sinking on April 16, which took more than 300 lives.  Read more here.