Obama’s Reservation Trip Reportedly Takes Shape; Tribal Leaders Hope for Tour

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President Barack Obama is reportedly making good on his promise to visit Indian country in 2014.

The Washington Post’s Sari Horwitz has heard from officials close to the administration that Obama plans to visit an Indian reservation in North Dakota in June. Her report has been picked up by the national press, although firm on-the-record details remain elusive.

A White House official, asked to confirm the accuracy of the report, said there are no scheduling announcements to make on this matter.

Obama first told tribal leaders at the November 2013 White House Tribal Nations Conference that he planned to visit a reservation in 2014, having previously visited the Crow Nation in Montana when he campaigned for president in 2008. At that time, he was adopted into the tribe and given a Crow name, which he has fondly recalled several times during his presidency to date.