Uncontacted Indigenous Community in Danger Due to Disease

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Recently contacted indigenous people in Paraguay are dying from a mysterious epidemic, according to Survival International (SI), and their suffering follows an old and dangerous pattern.

“Members of the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode tribe in Paraguay are rapidly succumbing to a TB-like illness which goes undetected in medical examinations,” SI said in a press release on World Health Day, April 7.

“The Indians are being forced out of their forest as cattle ranchers burn and clear the land.”

Most of the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode have already been forced out of the forest and they have suffered from various respiratory illnesses ever since. This recent illness could wipe out the remaining people from the tribe according to SI, noting that the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode, like other uncontacted peoples, have no immunity to outsider diseases.

In a prior SI interview, Medical Researcher Dr. Stafford Lightman explained how the spread of these diseases become lethal to a whole community of uncontacted people.

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