Vietnam Rejects 45 Recommendations by Other Countries on Human Rights

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Vietnam rejected 45 of the recommendations by other countries on improving its human rights record, accepting the remaining 185 of them, at the June 20 meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that concludes the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process.

Although the majority of recommendations accepted by Vietnam are vague and hard to evaluate, some are measurable and would require major changes, such as Kyrgyzstan‘s recommendation to “ensure education free of charge in practice” (no. 193) or Luxembourg‘s recommendation to “allow for the presence without restriction of observers at court hearings” (no. 134).

Currently, public education in Vietnam is free in theory but in practice students are required to pay numerous categories of additional fees to make up for budget shortfall, forcing many to quit. Official figures from the General Statistics Office shows that 5.9% of girls and 5.3% of boys aged 5-19 have never been in school, while 15.5% of all children 5-18 years have dropped out of school, with the ratio being even higher in the countryside.

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