Arab Americans Rally in Solidarity with Palestinians

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DEARBORN—Palestinian activists held a demonstration outside Dearborn City Hall Thursday, July 3 to express solidarity with the people in Gaza and throughout Palestine. The demonstration took place as tensions between Palestinians and Israelis continue to intensify since the deaths of three Israeli teens whose bodies were found in the West Bank earlier this month after more than a two week search.

“Palestine should be the main focus that unites Arabs around the world. Our people in Gaza and all around Palestine,” said Palestinian activist Abbas Hamideh, who traveled from Cleveland to help organize the rally.

Violence erupted Wednesday after 16-year-old Mohamed Abu Khdeir was abducted and a charred body, believed to be his, was found in a Jerusalem forest. The incident is believed to be an act of revenge for the deaths of the three teens.

Protesters held up signs that read, “Stop the murder of Palestinian children” and “free, free Palestine.” Demonstrators also chanted, “From Iraq to Palestine, occupation is a crime.” More than 100 people attended the rally, which was organized by the Palestine Right to Return Coalition.
Israel blamed the kidnappings on Hamas and vowed to retaliate against the group. Abbas Bazzi said there is no evidence to back Israel’s claims that the slaying of the three Jewish teens was carried out by Hamas.

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