Are Children Working on Minnesota School Construction Sites?

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The Laborers International Union has identified a second possible case of child labor being used on Minnesota construction sites and has alerted authorities at both the state and national level.

A formal complaint was submitted Tuesday to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and the United States Department of Labor on behalf of Laborers International Union of North America Local 563, regarding a possible violation of child labor laws at a construction site at a Minnetonka elementary school.

The complaint, verified by union representatives, documents that a minor child was apparently working on a concrete pour at Scenic Heights Elementary School at 5650 Scenic Heights Dr., in Minnetonka. A representative of Local 563 was at the school for an unrelated matter, when he noticed the boy, who appeared to be underage.

The boy initially claimed to be 18, but a co-worker whom the boy identified as his father admitted that the boy was not an adult, the union said. Read more here.