Dispute over Control Over Navajo Oil and Gas Company Goes to Federal Court

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The fight for control of the Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company was in federal court on Wednesday with four members of the Navajo Nation Council asking that a recent decision by the Navajo Nation Supreme Court be overturned.

It's part of a battle within the NNOGC that has seen two different boards claim authority over the company. It's also seen the firing of one CEO, which left a former CEO in charge and the firing in recent days of several high-ranking employees within the company because they were viewed as supporters of the now former CEO.

And on Wednesday, the main question, as it has been for the past two weeks, is exactly who is running NNOGC – Robert Joe, the man who was selected to run the company in June 2013 and who is credited turning things around, or Louis Denetsosie, the former CEO who was brought in after the Supreme Court issued its ruling. Read more here.