Family Plans Lawsuit After CHP Officer’s Violent Freeway Beating of a Black Woman

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The family of Marlene Pinnock are demanding answers, and legal justice, after a California Highway Patrol officer violently beat Pinnock on a Los Angeles freeway last Tuesday, NBC reported. A passing driver captured video of the beating, which shows the CHP officer chasing Pinnock down the freeway, before grabbing and then straddling her before pummeling her with over a dozen blows.

“I never would have thought I would be standing here today talking on behalf of my mom because she was beaten on the side of a freeway by a CHP officer that was sworn to protect her. That makes me scared,” Pinnock’s daughter Maisha Allum said during a press conference, NBC reported.

CHP has maintained that Pinnock was walking on the freeway and endangering herself and the officer, whose name has not been released and is on leave pending an internal investigation. Pinnock’s family has not explained why she was walking on the freeway. Read more here.