Miss. Inner-City, Rural Care Rising for Black Elders Despite Struggles

Jackson Advocate/New America Media, News Feature, Alice Thomas-Tisdale, Posted: Jul 31, 2014

Low-income elders in Mississippi’s inner cities and rural towns face limited options for eldercare. But signs of change are coming.

가주 어린이 정신 건강 치료 등한시

New America Media, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Jul 30, 2014

최근 UCLA 연구 조사에 따르면, 가주 어린이의 연령 4세 부터 11세 까지 8.5% 또는 30만 명 이상의 어린이가 정신 건강 치료를 필요로 하고 있으나 오직1/3의 어린이들이 치료를 받고 있는 것으로 조사됐다.

Niñas de la frontera llegan a Atlanta

Mundo Hispanico, News Report, Johanes Rosello, Posted: Jul 30, 2014

MundoHispánico fue testigo del reencuentro de varias familias cuyos hijos llegaron a Atlanta tras permanecer semanas en centros de detención.

California Children With Limited English Can’t Get Mental Healthcare

LA Beez, News Report, Posted: Jul 30, 2014

In the midst of the ongoing national debate on youth mental health sparked by the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy and, more recently, the UC Santa Barbara rampage, troubling data has emerged showing a massive deficit in services provided to California children in need of mental health care, in particular children from homes with limited English proficiency.


UC Newsroom, News Report, Pat Bailey, Translated by Summer Chiang, Posted: Jul 30, 2014

加州大學戴維斯分校和陝西省的西北農林科技大學於今日(July 23)簽署一份協議.

No Guidelines from State About DACA Medi-Cal Eligibility

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jul 30, 2014

The California Department of Health Care Services’ failure to issue the guidelines has resulted in hundreds of young immigrants being turned away.

For Black Elders, Improving Miss. Care Homes Involves Hopes and Prayers

Jackson Advocate/New America Media, News Feature, Alice Thomas-Tisdale, Posted: Jul 30, 2014

“Peaches” Ephram, 90, thrives on family, church and one of Mississippi’s better nursing homes with care most black elders don’t see. But change is on the way.

Environmental Groups Lag Nation in Diversity

New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen, Posted: Jul 29, 2014

Mainstream environmental groups are not mirroring the increasing racial diversity in the United States, according to a new report.

Immigration Reform: Renewing the Promise of America for All Families

Koream Journal, Commentary, Paul Y. Song M.D., Posted: Jul 29, 2014

Today’s fight for immigration reform belongs to all families, whether we trace our immigration history back 10 years or 100 years ago.

New Children’s Book Series Highlights Queer Families of Color

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Jul 29, 2014

The series will feature six books, delivered over a year, that feature stories about LGBTQ2S families, kids and characters.

Mental Health Issues in California Kids Go Largely Untreated

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jul 29, 2014

A new study shows more than 8.5 percent of California children have mental health needs, yet only a quarter receive timely mental health treatment.

SF Supe Avalos Affair Prompts City Hall to Change Workplace Romance Rules

Balitang America-ABS-CBN International, News Report, Staff, Posted: Jul 28, 2014

San Francisco is now revising its policy on romantic relationships in the workplace, after an affair was revealed last week between a San Francisco Supervisor and his Filipina legislative aide

China and UC Davis Sign Global Food Safety Agreement

UC Newsroom, News Report, Pat Bailey, Posted: Jul 28, 2014

The agreement lays the groundwork for establishing the Sino-U.S. Joint Research Center for Food Safety in China.

500 ‘Young African Leaders’ to Meet With Obama

The Root , News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2014

With 60 percent of Africa's population under the age of 35, young people stand to play as important a role in their respective nations' success on the continent as anywhere else in the world.

Human Rights Commission Calls for Seattle to Divest from Corporations that Profit on Immmigrant Detention

International Examiner, News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2014

Earlier this month, the Seattle Human Rights Commission passed a resolution calling on the city to divest from corporations that profit from immigrant detention.

Maxine Hong Kingston to Receive the National Medal of Arts at the White House

AA Press, News Report, Posted: Jul 28, 2014

Maxine Hong Kingston, author of 'The Woman Warrior' is being recognized for her contributions as a writer.

7-Eleven Discriminates Against Its Franchisees, Claims Lawsuit

India West, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Jul 28, 2014

Corporate convenience store giant 7-Eleven faces a lawsuit alleging racism, ageism and unscrupulous business practices.

Behind the Beard - A New Generation of Muslim American Leaders

New America Media, Profile, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Jul 27, 2014

Salmon Hossein, a graduate student pursuing a joint MA in law and public administration, is part of a new generation of Muslim American leaders.

Putting the Central American Children’s Migration In Context

UC Newsroom, News Analysis, Beatriz Manz, Posted: Jul 26, 2014

Decades of U.S. government support for brutal regimes in Central America is partly to blame for the exodus of children we are witnessing now.

Most Unaccompanied Children Could Qualify for Relief

Immigration Impact, News Report, Posted: Jul 25, 2014

More than half of the unaccompanied Central American children could be found eligible for relief by a U.S. immigration judge.

LA Youth Fast for Central American Youth - 'We Are Just Like Those Kids’

New America Media, News Report, Michael Lozano , Posted: Jul 25, 2014

Young people in Los Angeles say they can related to the children who are coming to the United States to flee violence back home.

How an Island-City Plans to Hold Back Rising Seas

KALW/New America Media, News Feature, Laura Flynn, Posted: Jul 25, 2014

Alameda Island residents say local officials' plans to address rising seas don't go far enough to protect people and property over the long term.

Facing Severe Drought, Californians Support Mandatory Cutbacks

New America Media, News Report, Ngoc Nguyen, Posted: Jul 24, 2014

Californians rank the drought as their number one environmental concern and favor mandatory curbs on water use.

Border Crisis: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Jul 23, 2014

The only thing the White House and Republicans in Congress seem to agree on is to deport the Central American children as soon as possible.

Vietnamese Government ‘Opinion Shapers’ Target Activist Facebook Pages

Global Voices Online, News Analysis, Posted: Jul 23, 2014

In recent weeks, well-known Vietnamese activists have found themselves suddenly unable to log in to their Facebook accounts. Their personal pages have been suspended for “abuse” even though there was no apparent violation of any Facebook policy.

Detroit Water Department Places 15-Day Moratorium on Shutoffs

The Michigan Citizen, News Report, Zenobia Jeffries, Posted: Jul 23, 2014

The Detroit water department announced it will suspend its controversial water shutoffs.

The Unfair $23 Billion Tobacco Verdict: Time For Smokers to Stop Playing Dumb

First Post, News Analysis, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jul 23, 2014

The charades of tobacco giants does not mean the rest of us are just unwitting lambs who have been led to the slaughter.

가뭄 지속으로 가주 농경제 타격

New America Media, News Report, Kat Kerlin , Posted: Jul 22, 2014

UC 데이비스의 최근 연구조사에 따르면 가뭄 현상이 가주 농경제에 미칠 타격은 심각하며, 이런 가뭄 현상이 계속 지속되는 상황에서 근본적인 물 절약을 하지 않는다면 그나마 보존된 물 마저 고갈될 상황이라고 발표했다.


UC Newsroom, News Report, Rachel Champeau, Posted: Jul 22, 2014


UCLA Veterans' Orientation Brings New Students 'On-Board'

UC Newsroom, News Report, Alison Hewitt , Posted: Jul 22, 2014

More than 40 incoming undergraduate and graduate vets — including active-duty military, National Guard and reservists — attended UCLA’s first Veterans On-Boarding session.

Child Refugees: The Consequences of the 2009 Coup in Honduras

LatinoRebels.com, News Analysis, Hector Luis Alamo, Jr., Posted: Jul 22, 2014

The U.S. involvement in the recent coup in Honduras set the stage for what is happening today.

Standing Together For the Children of Central America -- and Chicago

The Root, Commentary, Phillip Agnew and Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez, Posted: Jul 22, 2014

Youths in Central America—and Chicago—are all survivors of violence rooted in failed policies like the war on drugs.

Yes, Immigrant Kids Are Fleeing Violence, but So Are Kids in Chicago

The Root, Commentary, Keli Goff, Posted: Jul 22, 2014

Over the 4th of July weekend, 82 people were shot in Chicago. But the story got lost in media coverage of the border crisis.

Mercury-tainted Cosmetics Sold in Metro Manila Despite Ban

Inquirer News, News Report, Jeannette Andrade, Posted: Jul 21, 2014

Mercury-tainted skin whitening products allegedly imported from the United States, China, Japan and Taiwan show up in Manila and Quezon City drugstores.

North Korea Protest Chinese Video For Compromising King Jong Un's Dignity

Koream Journal, News Report, Posted: Jul 21, 2014

It has only been about a week since North Korea filed a U.N. complaint to ban The Interview, an American comedy about a producer and talk show host’s attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

La primera orientación de veteranos de UCLA integra a nuevos estudiantes

UC Newsroom, News Report, Alison Hewitt, Posted: Jul 21, 2014

El veterano del ejército Henry Shin no es ningún flojo - sirvió en el ejército durante cinco años y ha sido aceptado al programa MBA ejecutivo Anderson de UCLA.

High Rents and Low Wages Trap Chinese Immigrants in SROs

KALW, News Feature, Melanie Young, Posted: Jul 20, 2014

Soaring rents and low wages in San Francisco block Chinese immigrants from moving out of single-room housing units.

Researchers Address 'Lost in Translation' Issues With Chinese Medicine

UC Newsroom, News Report, Rachel Champeau, Posted: Jul 19, 2014

Researchers at UCLA's Center for East–West Medicine have published a document that explores issues involved in Chinese medical translation.

How To Start Getting Fit For Life

Senior News/New America Media , News Feature, Dawn Williams, Posted: Jul 19, 2014

Feeling sluggish, able to “pinch” your age by the inch? Dawn Williams tells how to get started revitalizing your health and renewing your energy at 50+.

Damage to Infrastructure from Sea Rise Will Disrupt Lives, Economy

KTSF-TV Ch 26/New America Media, Video, Jessie Liang, Posted: Jul 18, 2014

Sea rise threatens vital Bay Area infrastructure such as airports, seaports, roads, and water treatment plants near the water.

Graphic Novelist Breaks Boundaries with Multimedia Approach

Asian Fortune, Question & Answer, Amanda Andrei, Posted: Jul 18, 2014

Graphic novelist Nguyen Khoi Nguyen doesn’t limit himself to paper and pen – he uses music and animation as well.

High Rents Push NYC's Chinatown Merchants to Think Creatively

Sing Tao Daily/New America Media, News Report, Rong Xiaoqing, Posted: Jul 18, 2014

To fight against soaring rents, the Chinatown Business Improvement District plans to buy up vacant spaces and turn itself into a landlord.

Social Media React to Malaysian Airliner MH17 Crash

Rappler.com, News Report, Staff, Posted: Jul 17, 2014

A second disaster has hit Malaysian Airlines, as its flight MH17 was reportedly shot down over eastern Ukraine, and the news has once again dominated social media.

Are Children Working on Minnesota School Construction Sites?

TC Daily Planet, News Report, Posted: Jul 17, 2014

The Laborers Union says a youth under age 18 was working on this school construction site in Minnetonka, in possible violation of state and federal law.

California Agriculture Faces Greatest Water Loss Ever Seen

UC Newsroom, News Report, Kat Kerlin, Posted: Jul 17, 2014

A new report from UC Davis shows California agriculture may come up dry in the future if it continues to treat groundwater reserves like an unlimited savings account.

Youth Depression Thrives on Silence - California Data Show Shocking Impact of Mental Disorders

New America Media, News Report, Rafael Flores, Story by Anna Challet, Posted: Jul 17, 2014

In 2012, mental diseases and disorders accounted for the largest share of hospital admissions among children under 18 in California.

Women Leaders Urge Congress to Address Abuse of Women and Children Migrants

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jul 16, 2014

We Belong Together and Amnesty International USA will rally in front of the White House urging Obama to protect migrant women and children.


UC Newsroom, News Report, Anne Kavanagh, Posted: Jul 16, 2014

加州大學舊金山分校長者醫療計畫主任郭海倫(Helen Kao)經常開車到行動不便的年長病患家中提供醫療照護。 加大舊金山分校醫療中心希望能提供急速成長的年長病患客制化的服務。

Study: Pets a Prescription for Health, Happiness Among Elders

New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jul 16, 2014

UCLA researchers studying "best practices" for how to deliver holistic health care to seniors found pets were a big source of social support.

For New Grads, Depression After the Diploma

New America Media, News Feature, Raymond Fong, Posted: Jul 16, 2014

Many young people experience post-college depression. For most, the period marks the first time outside of a school setting, causing an identity crisis of sorts.

San Francisco Considers Resolution to Aid Migrant Children

New America Media, News Report, Elena Shore, Posted: Jul 16, 2014

The city's Board of Supervisors will vote on a proposed resolution that gives migrant children access to city housing and social services as they await immigration proceedings.

'Harold & Kumar" To Become an Animated Series

Koream Journal, News Report, Posted: Jul 15, 2014

Those of you who’ve enjoyed the antics of stoner-duo Harold and Kumar over the years can sit back, light one up, and look forward the Harold and Kumar animated series, set to air on Adult Swim.

New Orleans Losing Cops Faster Than It Can Replace Them

Louisiana Weekly, News Report, Posted: Jul 15, 2014

The bad news just keeps on coming for the embattled New Orleans Police Department as it undergoes implementation of a federally mandated consent decree and grapples with higher rates of violent crime and what city and NOPD leaders describe as a severe manpower shortage.

Jose Antonio Vargas Detained by Border Patrol

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Jul 15, 2014

This morning, as Vargas tried to leave from the McAllen-Miller airport, he was detained by Border Patrol.

Underground Networks Spring Up to Help Migrant Kids in U.S.

El Universal, News Report, Laura Sánchez, El Universal, Translated by Elena Shore, Posted: Jul 15, 2014

Mexico’s El Universal newspaper reports that an underground network is emerging to help migrant kids in the United States.

Palestinian Americans Weigh in On Homeland Crisis

Arab American News, News Report, Ali Harb, Posted: Jul 15, 2014

As the war rages on Gaza, Palestinian American activists told The Arab American News about the severity of the humanitarian situation, urging the community to organize and mobilize for the Palestinian cause.

The Caribbean: A Clean Energy Revolution on the Front Lines of Climate Change

Inter Press Service, Commentary, Richard Schiffman, Posted: Jul 15, 2014

It is time to have a Marshall Plan for clean energy— not to rebuild war-torn nations, but to help protect our abused climate system from further damage.

Volviendo a casa: Cuidando de la creciente población de adultos mayores

UC Newsroom, News Report, Anne Kavanagh, Posted: Jul 14, 2014

Tenaz y un poco luchadora, Hellen Aitel alcanzó sus 90 años disfrutando de una vida mayormente autosuficiente.

NYC Offers IDs to Undocumented Immigrants

El Diario , News Report, Posted: Jul 14, 2014

Mayor Bill de Blasio last Thursday signed a bill that allows all New Yorkers -- regardless of their immigration status -- to get a free municipal ID beginning in January 2015.

Las mujeres también juegan el deporte rey

Al Día, Commentary, Ann Marie Hager, Posted: Jul 14, 2014

En el mundo del fútbol femenino, las estadounidenses cuentan sin duda con las mejores.

Women Play Soccer Too

Al Día, Commentary, Ann Marie Hager, Posted: Jul 14, 2014

In the world of women’s soccer, the U.S. is undoubtedly among the best in the world.

Homeward Bound: Caring for the Burgeoning Population of Older Adults

UC Newsroom, News Report, Anne Kavanagh, Posted: Jul 14, 2014

Every day, roughly 10,000 Americans turn 65. For many, a one-size-fits-all path to health care falls short.

US Backing Israeli War of Choice In Gaza

Inter Press Service, Commentary, Mitchell Plitnick, Posted: Jul 13, 2014

Make no mistake about what the United States is backing with Israel's assault on Gaza. This is as pure a war of choice as any.

With World Cup Over, Brazil Faces Its Toughest Opponent

New America Media, Commentary, Andrés Tapia, Posted: Jul 12, 2014

As FIFA takes its ball and goes home this weekend, it is not the nation’s sad national soccer seleção that residents must reckon with.

From the Beast to the Fridge - A Salvadoran Youth’s Journey to the U.S.

Richmond Pulse/ New America Media, First Person, Luis Cubas, Posted: Jul 11, 2014

The situation in El Salvador was already bad when author Luis Cubas left in 2006. Things seem to have only gotten worse.

UC 글로벌 푸드 이니셔티브 캠페인 착수

UC Newsroom, News Report, Alec Rosenberg, Posted: Jul 11, 2014

최근 자넷 나폴리타노 UC총장은 가주 전역에 걸쳐 ‘UC 글로벌 푸드 이니셔티브’ 캠페인을 착수했다.

For One Immigrant, Border Crisis Highlights Benefits of Citizenship

New America Media, News Report, Anthony Advincula, Posted: Jul 11, 2014

Carolina Solano says as a newly naturalized citizen she is grateful that she can petition her immediate relatives in her native Honduras.

Highway Patrol Beating Demands More Than Cops Probing Cops

The Final Call, News Report, Posted: Jul 10, 2014

Shock and outrage was the response to the latest videotaped violent law enforcement encounter involving a Black woman and a cop.


UC Newsroom, News Report, Peter Schurmann, Posted: Jul 10, 2014

加州大學總校長珍妮‧納波利塔諾( Janet Napolitano)上週宣布加大將推動“全球食品倡議”運動。

UC lanza una iniciativa global de alimentos

UC Newsroom, News Report, Alec Rosenberg, Posted: Jul 10, 2014

La semana pasada la presidenta de la Universidad de California Janet Napolitano dio a conocer la Iniciativa Global de Alimentos de la UC en el transcurso de tres eventos en todo el estado.

The Limits of Brazilian Soft Power

VOXXI, Commentary, Johanna Mendelson Forman, Posted: Jul 10, 2014

The painful rout of Brazil’s soccer team by Germany may be a metaphor for the deeper political losses that Brazil has experienced in the past year.

Why We are Suing the Government on Behalf of All Children Facing Deportation

Immigration Impact, Commentary, Beth Werlin, Posted: Jul 10, 2014

The thousands of children fleeing violence and seeking refuge in the US have brought to the forefront the issue of how our immigration system deals with children.

LA Declares July 'Muslim Month'

Muslim Observer, News Report, Posted: Jul 10, 2014

Los Angeles city council has declared July 2014 as Muslim American Heritage Month

Washington Informer Earns Four NNPA Awards

The Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jul 10, 2014

The newspaper earned first place in the categories of Best Layout and Design by a tabloid and Best Use of Photographs by a tabloid.

Iraq Fiasco Erases Memory of Vietnam

New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jul 10, 2014

Only after two disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have the memories of Vietnam finally been erased.

No Humanitarianism in $3.7 Billion for Unaccompanied Minors at the Border

New America Media, Commentary, Maegan Ortiz, Posted: Jul 09, 2014

Much of the $3.7 billion requested by Obama in response to the surge of unaccompanied minors will go toward expansion of border enforcement.

Vietnam's Independent Labor Union Goes Public

Vietnam Right Now, News Report, Posted: Jul 09, 2014

The Free Viet Labor Confederation on June 9 issued a statement calling for the release of imprisoned labor activists and declaring their decision to come out with activities to protect “the legitimate rights of the undefended Vietnamese laborers.”

Groups Sue Federal Government Over Failure to Provide Legal Representation for Children

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jul 09, 2014

The ACLU and other groups today filed suit on behalf of thousands of children who are face deportation hearings without legal representation.

San Francisco's Tech Boom Bleeding Chinese Small Businesses

Boom, News Report, David Lee, Posted: Jul 09, 2014

In this new Chinese city of San Francisco, one sees more white young people and fewer small Chinese shops and shopkeepers that cater to working-class Chinese.

White House Asks Congress for $3.7 Billion for Child Migrant Crisis

Colorlines, News Report, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jul 08, 2014

The White House has filed a $4 billion request with Congress to manage the flows of tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children who’ve arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border this year, the New York Times reported. The request is nearly double the amount the Obama administration projected when it announced plans to ask for emergency funds.

Korean Comedians Wear Black Face Again: Will They Ever Stop?

Koream Journal, Commentary, Posted: Jul 08, 2014

When we saw that Gag Concert, a popular comedy show on South Korea’s state-run TV network KBS, featured comedians wearing blackface makeup (again), we were stuck asking ourselves the same old question. Will they ever get it?

Calling President Obama: Protect the Children

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jul 08, 2014

CHIRLA is launching a national call-in campaign to pressure President Obama to protect Central Americans now crossing the border.

As a Jew Living in America, the Past Week Has Changed Me Forever

Tikkun Daily, Commentary, David Harris-Gershon, Posted: Jul 08, 2014

The mind-numbingly horrific events of the past week have forced one Jewish American to reconsider his progressive view of Israel.

Booming Black Businesses Fuel Brazil’s New Middle Class

The Root, News Report, Dion Rabouin, Posted: Jul 07, 2014

Fueled by a blossoming economy and a government program aimed at reducing income inequality, approximately 80 percent of Brazil’s new middle class are black.

Arab Americans Rally in Solidarity with Palestinians

Arab American News, News Report, Posted: Jul 07, 2014

Palestinian activists held a demonstration outside Dearborn City Hall Thursday, July 3 to express solidarity with the people in Gaza and throughout Palestine. The demonstration took place as tensions between Palestinians and Israelis continue to intensify since the deaths of three Israeli teens whose bodies were found in the West Bank earlier this month after more than a two week search.

Dispute over Control Over Navajo Oil and Gas Company Goes to Federal Court

Navajo Times, News Report, Posted: Jul 07, 2014

The fight for control of the Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company was in federal court on Wednesday with four members of the Navajo Nation Council asking that a recent decision by the Navajo Nation Supreme Court be overturned.

Indian Nurses Return from Iraq to Joyous Reunion with Families

India West, News Report, Posted: Jul 07, 2014

Forty-six nurses, who were held captive by ISIS militants in Iraq, on Saturday returned home by a special Air India flight to a happy reunion with their families here, bringing to an end their month-long ordeal.

Family Plans Lawsuit After CHP Officer’s Violent Freeway Beating of a Black Woman

Colorlines, News Report, Posted: Jul 07, 2014

The family of Marlene Pinnock are demanding answers, and legal justice, after a California Highway Patrol officer violently beat Pinnock on a Los Angeles freeway last Tuesday,

Federal Court Strikes Down Arizona Governor's Drivers License Ban

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jul 07, 2014

An appeals court on Monday halted Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s policy of denying driver’s licenses to recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Activist Groups Rebuke Obama for Response to Central American Children

Hispanic Link, News Report, Posted: Jul 07, 2014

An open letter to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus rebukes Obama for his handling of the refugee crisis of unaccompanied minors.

UC Launches Global Food Initiative

UC Newsroom, News Report, Alec Rosenberg, Posted: Jul 07, 2014

Spearheaded by UC President Janet Napolitano, the initiative looks to help put the world on a path to sustainably and nutritiously feed itself.

Indian American Farmers Weathering Record Drought in California

India West, News Report, Sunita Sohrabji, Posted: Jul 06, 2014

Indian-Americans own an estimated 50,000 acres of farmland across California, where severe drought is taking its toll on the agriculture industry.

The Disappearance of the Black Coach: African-Americans Shut Out of College Basketball

Washington Informer, News Report, Stacy M. Brown, Posted: Jul 05, 2014

The increased use of search firms by college athletic directors has caused a decrease in the number of African American coaching hires.

A Dashing Return of the First Asian American Superhero

PRI's The World, Commentary, Bradley Campbell, Posted: Jul 05, 2014

In "The Shadow Hero," Hank Chu just wants to help run his family's grocery store. But his mother pushes him to be a superhero.

Muslim Stars Shining in Fifa World Cup 2014

The Muslim Observer, News Report, Posted: Jul 04, 2014

The Brazil 2014 World Cup kicked off earlier this week with many Muslim players dotting the football landscape.

Obama’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost

New America Media, Commentary, Nativo Vigil Lopez, Posted: Jul 04, 2014

Obama's attempt to undo legal protections for child refugees is the equivalent of "Mexicanizing" the Central American minors.

Independence Day: Immigrants and the Great American Experiment

Asian American Press, Commentary, R. Mark Frey, Posted: Jul 03, 2014

The Fourth of July holiday is a chance to reflect on independence, immigrants, and the great American experiment.

Obama’s Quick Fix Won’t Solve the Regional Refugee Crisis

New America Media, Commentary, Michelle Brané, Posted: Jul 03, 2014

Rather than recognizing the humanitarian refugee crisis, the Obama administration is responding as though it were an immigration issue.

Vietnam Should Embrace Uncle Sam or Be Subservient to China

New America Media, News Analysis, Thi Q. Lam, Posted: Jul 03, 2014

Embracing the United States seems to be Vietnam’s best option to counter China’s expansionist policy.

Unaccompanied Children -- A Failure of Compassion

Al Día, Editorial, Staff, Posted: Jul 02, 2014

Lost in the official talk about "unaccompanied minors" is the stark fact that what has been proposed gravely endangers the truly vulnerable.

Seattle Student Charged With Online Threats to Kill Women

New America Media, News Report, Posted: Jul 02, 2014

Indian American student charged with interstate threats to women at the University of Washington and to other women online.

Supreme Court Used Indian Law to Prevent Birth Control for Women

Indian Country Today, News Analysis, Rob Capriccioso, Posted: Jul 02, 2014

Hobby Lobby's case was based on a 1993 Indian-centric law that involved an employee's right to do peyote as part of a religious ritual.

Dead Young Men in Mississippi, Israel, and Palestine: Spirals of Violence and Nonviolence

Tikkun, Commentary, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Posted: Jul 02, 2014

Mississippi did not change through threats of more violence. It changed through nonviolent direct action and passing laws.

Korean Humanitarian Uses Taekwondo to Change the Lives of Syrian Refugee Children

Audrey Magazine, News Report, Ethel Navales, Posted: Jul 02, 2014

Lee felt that he needed to do something to lift the spirit of these children. He then recalled being inspired by his experiences with Taekwondo back home in Korea.

Michelle Howard Becomes 1st Female 4-Star Officer in the Navy

The Root , News Report, Posted: Jul 01, 2014

The now four-star admiral was promoted on July 1, a first in the more than 200 years of the U.S. Navy.

Immigrant Advocates Call on Obama to Be Brave and Swift

La Opinión, News Report, Pilar Marrero, Translated by Elena Shore, Posted: Jul 01, 2014

Obama says he will take action on immigration reform without Congress. Here is what immigrant rights leaders would like to see.

Supreme Court Blasted for Birth-Control Ruling

Washington Informer, News Report, Posted: Jul 01, 2014

The high court ruled 5-4, with conservative Justice Samuel Alito writing the majority opinion.

La Opinión: Ruling Detrimental to Women

La Opinión, News Report, Posted: Jul 01, 2014

Editors of La Opinión write that the Supreme Court's decision to allow Hobby Lobby to deny birth control to its employees is an atrocity.

Isabelle Thuy Pelaud: How I Found Myself at UC Berkeley

New America Media, News Feature, Andrew Lam, Posted: Jul 01, 2014

How did a mixed race child in rural France end up as a professor of Asian American literature?

How Did a Chinese-American Woman Become a Black Power Activist?

The Root , News Feature, Genetta M. Adams, Posted: Jul 01, 2014

A new documentary examines the life of Grace Lee Boggs, a leading voice in Detroit’s African-American community.